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Architects as Advocates


Architects are uniquely suited to advocate for more livable communities. They are trained to solve problems, make ideas visible, and synthesize fragmented parts into a coherent whole, all within the context of the built environment. The resources available here can help you focus your advocacy efforts.

How Architects Can Become Advocates for Livable Communities, published February 2005.

How Architects Can Become Advocates for Livable Communities This new advocacy guide offers architects the tools they will need to advocate for livable communities. It includes testimonials from AIA members, talking points on livability issues and other resources architects can use to become leaders in their communities.
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AIA Member Testimonials
These testimonials convey the many ways that AIA members, much like yourself, have become advocates in their communities.

Believe in Bristol
, Peyton Boyd, AIA

A Grassroots Effort Spurs Citywide Revitalization
, Sandra Dennehy, AIA

From Disaster Recovery to Public Office
, Charles Harper, FAIA

A Journey of Transformation
, Kenneth Jay Hirsch, AIA

Redefining Success
, Mark McConnel, AIA

One Architect's Journey
, Robert Meckfessel, AIA

A Component Guides a City's Vision
, Richard Morgan, AIA

Plan a Hobby
, Celeste Novak, AIA

Why Become an Advocate?,
E. Crichton “Kite” Singleton, FAIA

An Architecture of Engagement,
Harris M. Steinberg, AIA

Much at Stake,
an interview with Peter Steinbrueck, AIA

Becoming an Advocate for Livable Communities,
Michael Stepner, FAIA

More Advocacy Resources

AIA Public Policies (PDF)

AIA Guidelines for Advocacy (PDF)

Ten Reasons to Lobby Your Cause (PDF)

Media and Communications Tools

AIA Center for Communities by Design Resources

AIA Government Advocacy Home

For more on advocacy and your community, you can contact the AIA Center for Communities by Design at or AIA Government Advocacy at


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