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Tools for AIA Leaders to Collect and Submit Feedback on the Initial Draft of the AIA Strategic Plan for 2010–2015

2010-2015 AIA Strategic Plan (approved 12.09)

Final Webcast Presentation and Recording – Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The process undertaken by the entire board at the strategic planning meeting in July is the first draft of a Strategic Plan for 2010-2015. The outcome derived the vision, mission, goals and strategies of the plan identified in the material below.  This year, the strategic planning process is intended to be inclusive and transparent. As a result, we are seeking feedback from our constituents on the draft goals and strategies.

The following tools can assist AIA leaders in presenting the draft strategic plan, facilitate discussion about, and report the feedback to the Board’s Strategic Direction Group as you engage your regions, components, and/or member groups.

  • Strategic Advance Update Show – This is a Power Point slide presentation of the outcome of the Board’s July planning session which includes the draft goals and strategies for the AIA Strategic Plan 2010-2015. The Notes View contains comments on each slide you can use during your presentation instead of reading the slides. There are also some questions in the notes you can use to get facilitate discussion with the audience. You can print out the Notes View for comments on each slide or, for later versions of Power Point, use Presenter Tools instead of Slide Show so you can see the notes on your laptop as you present.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – This document will provide you with example responses to questions you may be asked by members.

You may use any forum for this important interaction (e.g., conference call, web meeting, regularly scheduled meetings, etc.). Alternatively, your group may elect to participate in one of the three Web seminars scheduled with George Miller or Clark Manus by following the registration links by date:

    August 26, 2009: 9–10 am Pacific, 10–11 am Mountain, 11 am–12 pm Central, 12–1 pm Eastern

    September 9, 2009: 2–3 pm Pacific, 3–4 pm Mountain, 4–5 pm Central and 5–6 pm Eastern

    September 16, 2009: 11am–12pm Pacific, 12–1 pm Mountain; 1–2 pm Central and 2–3 pm Eastern

At the end of your discussion, please note the responses, themes, and/or consensus in response to the questions on the forms below. When completed, send a digital copy of these Word and Excel documents to Suzanna Wight at Responses are due October 30, 2009.

  • Feedback Survey on Strategies (Word File)In order to collect the feedback you receive in response to the questions you will pose during the presentation or during a discussion after the presentation, use this tool to document the responses from your group. Have someone assist you in recording the comments while you are leading the discussion.
  • One AIA Program & Service Survey (Excel File)A key point of discussion at the Board planning meeting was how to build a high performing organization; one that delivers value at the national, regional, state, and local component level. The idea is to align programs and services across the AIA so that they are delivered at the right level by the components that deliver them most effectively to the membership. This survey tool provides a list of all of the programs and services delivered at national, regional, state and local levels. You should use this tool to facilitate a discussion about where these programs and services should primarily reside. In some cases, programs and services should reside in more than one level. You can indicate secondary level as well. Some criteria to assist you include: where the member is best served; where the strongest delivery of programs and services lie; where expertise and resources are found; where economies of scale can be achieved; where a national rather than state or local “face” of the organization should be represented and vice versa etc.

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