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Help Stop the 2030 Repeal

We need your help next week to stop the Senate from taking a major step backward on sustainable design.

In a few weeks the Senate will likely vote on an amendment that would remove 2030 sustainability targets for federal buildings that AIA members worked very hard to put into place six years ago. We need help from components and members to coordinate visits with Senators.

Resources have been collected (below) to help you contact the legislator, schedule a meeting for your members, and provide them talking points. AIA staff is available to help you navigate the scheduling process. Please act soon to protect federal sustainability targets.

Below you will find resources to help you schedule your meeting and more information on why we need you to take action. For assistance with meeting logistics or to get more information, please contact Amanda Stratton. Note: Please contact Amanda ASAP to update her on your progress scheduling a meeting.

Using the resources below, you can also take action on this issue in other ways, including signing the letter to Senators from businesses in your state.



Take Action NOW!

Resources for Meeting Coordination

Issue Background

At issue is a provision passed as part of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act and signed into law by former President George W. Bush. The provision, commonly known as section 433, establishes targets for the reduction in fossil fuel generated energy in newly constructed and majorly renovated federal facilities, until a goal of zero fossil fuel generated energy in the year 2030. This provision, one of the few in the federal law books that addresses the impacts of greenhouse gases on environment, is helping federal agencies, architects and engineers push the envelope in designing structures that use less energy than their older counterparts, not only saving taxpayers money but keeping GHGs out of the environment.

Unfortunately, a coalition led by the natural gas industry is lobbying to repeal this provision, and is looking to include such a repeal in the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill. Their argument is that such a provision does not meet an "all of the above" strategy on energy. In its place, they are offering several beefed up energy efficiency provisions that would extend and enhance existing provisions for federal buildings. However, these provisions do not adequately replace the energy and emission reductions found in Section 433 and therefore, are not acceptable replacements.

The AIA, along with more than 350 organizations, came out in opposition to this repeal and are lobbying against the weakening of this provision by the fossil fuel industry. Also, many groups including the AIA have stated that they will oppose the Shaheen Portman legislation altogether if a repeal of 433 is included.

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