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0By Jennifer A. Workman, AIA

0How many times do you go to the National Convention not knowing what seminars that you as a young architect should try to attend? If you would like to go to Miami and discover something beyond your typical health safety and welfare seminars, the Young Architects Forum would like to introduce the ones we think young architects should take a second look at.

0First are the seminars that are sponsored by the Young Architects Forum. Every year, we submit programs to be considered at the National Convention. These were the ones selected:

EV045: National Associates Committee and Young Architects Forum Reception

0Come network with the professions leaders of tomorrow, the AIA’s emerging professionals from 8:00-9:00pm on Thursday evening. Meet your Regional Associate Directors and YAF Advisory Committee members and celebrate the achievements of the Jason Pettigrew Scholarships.

TH029: Architect Contractor Collaboration to Deliver the Design Promise: Strengthening the Design and Construction Team from Design Through

0 As technology and construction delivery methods continue to change and to evolve, working together as a team is critical to the successful completion of each project. Architects and contractors always have one thing in common: their client. When respectfully integrated, the complementary skills and abilities of both can result in a satisfied client. How can architects take a leadership role and work as teammates with contractors in order to best execute design visions for owners?

SA042: During Their first Decade of Success – Young Architects: Making a Difference in Our Firms, Our Communities, and Our Profession. This program will feature the recipients for the 2010 Young Architects Award. These young architects have been recognized for their leadership in design, in community, civic, and professional involvement, and in education. Join us for a discussion with this year’s recipients about their careers and their work and discover how you can begin to shape your own career path through mentoring, leadership, and fellowship activities.

0If you happen to be in Miami a little early and have some money to spend, go check out these valuable workshops:

WE002: The Architects Portfolio: Planning, Design and Production

0This workshop re-evaluates traditional concepts of portfolio-making and seeks to define the portfolio as a detailed process of marketing oneself. By doing so, this workshop will provide a new, revised set of tools for thinking about the creation of an architecture portfolio.

WE027: Transcending Leadership: A Personal Challenge to Evolve While Contributing to the Greater Good

0The goal of this workshop is to encourage architects to become more engaged by contributing to their communities. This workshop will increase self-awareness and will encourage participants to re-evaluate their current thinking styles in relation to their overall performance. Participants will receive invaluable feedback along with tangible suggestions for becoming more effective.

0Most people attend seminars from Thursday thru Saturday. The following are seminars and events that we think you might be interested in:

TH022: College of Fellows and Young Architects Explore Design for the Next Decade

0This is a seminar that celebrates design from two members of the College of Fellows and two recipients of the 2010 Young Architects Award. All will show how design can shape both buildings and communities, how architecture connects with the public, and how good design will prevail over mediocre trends.

FR023 Making the Transition to Running Your Own Firm: When a Poor Economy Can Lead to a Prosperous Future

0Even in a challenging economy, an entrepreneurial architect can create a successful vehicle for delivering design and other professional services. Architects contemplating crafting their own practices—as well as those who have created their firms recently—need to know the practical, professional, ethical, legal, and insurance issues that new firms face.

FR036 AIA Committee on Design Ideas Competition: A Presentation by the Jury and Winners of this Annual Competition

0The jury chair will present the competition program and a number of the notable competition entries from the competition in 2009 and explain why the jury found them notable.

EV 052: Shadow an Architect Program

0On Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm you can make a difference in the life of a young student. Be a mentor for the day to school students from the Miami-Dade area. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the next generation of up and coming architects.

EV055 Sandcastle Competition Hosted by AIA Miami

0If you’d like a combination of architecture and a tan, experience the excitement and beauty of South Beach and participate in the sandcastle competition on Friday from 1:00-5:00pm.

0Jennifer A. Workman, AIA is an architect at Good Fulton & Farrell in Dallas, Texas where she is working on the Perot Museum of Nature & Science as the liaison to Morphosis. Nationally, she represents young architects on the Young Architects Forum as the Communication Advisor, and at the state and local level she is the Dallas Director to the Texas Society of Architects.

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Convention 101 for Young Architects


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