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Baltimore Youth Detention Center (YDC) (Merit)

Baltimore, MD


0The Youth Detention Facility (YDC) is the first phase of a broad master plan for the State of Maryland’s - Baltimore Correctional Campus, located in highly visible, urban context within downtown Baltimore. The YDC will be physically linked to the future Women’s Detention Facility. The YDC is a multi-story facility, with seven housing pods operating on a direct-supervision model. The housing configuration will house all juvenile populations (pre-trial and sentenced, male and female) in units of varying classification levels. The re-configurable general population units provide necessary separation by classification, while minimizing the need for special housing. The populations are separated horizontally within the building, and only mix (to a limited degree) in the educational setting. Decentralized Services: Many of the facility’s core services are decentralized to the housing units. Dayrooms are the hub for food service, basic medical, personal laundry, video visitation, and also have direct connection to outdoor recreation areas, and multipurpose rooms used for education, counseling and/or medical triage. Centralized Services: The educational program is centralized in a three-story school wing, expressed on the exterior as a distinct mass to reinforce the school’s identity and the importance of the educational component of the facility. The education wing includes school administration, psychological services, testing, media center, and specialized services for unique educational needs. A large multipurpose/gymnasium space acts a central gathering/sports area. The space is made available for services of outside agencies (church groups/social service groups) that have expressed interest in engaging with the institution to promote greater rehabilitative opportunities. The clinical/infirmary is a full-service minor medical/surgical unit providing on-site dialysis, x-ray, optometry, dentistry and physical therapy. The mental health area adjoins the clinic/infirmary, and is designed for intervention. It provides dedicated male/female units, isolation, “control/observation”, and “behavior adjustment” units. Each unit is designed to operate independently, with on-unit crisis management/counseling.



0State of Maryland


Type of facility

0Detention, Juvenile

Type of construction


Site Area

01.183 acres

Area of building

0235,040 SF

Total cost of construction


Status of Project




0PSA-Dewberry Inc. (Design Architect)

0Penza Bailey Architects Inc. (Associate Architect)

Structural engineer

0Hope Furrer Associates, Inc.

Mechanical engineer

0WFT Engineering, Inc.

0Sidhu Associates

Electrical engineer

0WFT Engineering, Inc.

0Sidhu Associates

Civil engineer

0EBA Engineering, Inc.

Cost estimating consultant

0Lewicki Estimating Services, Inc

Programming consultant

0Carter Goble Associates

Security consultant


LEED consultant

0Terra Logos Eco Architecture

Food service/laundry consultant

0R & R Designer, Inc.

Operations consultant

0JPA & Associates

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Baltimore Youth Detention Center (YDC)


April Pottorff


Posted Date:
9/27/10 2:24 PM

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