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“Full Circle, Full Speed Ahead”
By Kyu Young Kim, Assoc. AIA

0I am a 28-year-old architectural intern/designer at a small, mostly residential architecture office in Palo Alto, California. My background as a young designer is uniquely diverse. After having grown up in Palo Alto and graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I took it upon myself to learn more about my ethnic and cultural background in Seoul, Korea, by working under Korean Architect, Byoungsoo Cho, AIA.

0After two amazing years of being able to work on a wide range of projects located across Asia, I followed my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) to Paris, France, and was connected with KILO Architectures.  After we got married, my wife was offered an internship at the United Nations office for UNICEF and I successfully found an internship opportunity working on a Park Avenue penthouse apartment for a big name New Yorker.

0After all of these experiences, I cannot think of a better place to be working than where I am currently. My current office, ACS Architects, is actually where I got my start into architecture as a summer intern while I was still in high school. As I look back on my short career thus far, I see how all of my experiences have really prepared me to be able to contribute in the way that I currently am. I have a hand in all parts of business and projects as an associate. As a designer, I contribute to projects through computer aided modeling and drafting, and am able to work on projects from start to finish. Currently, our office is working on two residential remodel / additions and closing in on a winery project seeing as we're not too far from the Santa Cruz Mountains and Napa Valley. As a business associate, I am actively marketing our company and going after new projects. I was recently chasing a small Silicon Valley start-up office remodel but it looks like they've chosen an interior designer to lead their project.

0I am extremely thankful for being appreciated and respected to the point where I feel like I have ownership of the work we produce, and very much look forward to pushing full speed ahead with my career.

Current Project Mockup courtesy of Mr. Kyu Young Kim


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CRAN Chronicle: January 2013 - Full Circle, Full Speed Ahead


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