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CRAN Forum Highlights
by Brenda Nelson, Assoc. AIA

0The forum page at continues to be an active and engaging way for CRAN members to interact. Over the past few months, several topics have generated multiple responses. This section offers a highlight of those discussions for members who don’t always have time to join in on the discussions.

0For this inaugural issue of the CRAN Chronicle, it’s exciting to find that one forum topic has turned into an AIA initiative. David Andreozzi reported the results via the forum found at this link The proposal is to create a living database of architect-designed buildings. This database would give owners the ability to see and track changes to their building over the years. See the link for additional information and how your online discussions helped generate this new proposal.

0Some of the hottest topics on the boards in recent months include those which are related to the NAHB. They have identified key items to help their projects become more profitable and members on the CRAN forums have noted how architects are the key to helping that organization. See more on that topic here:

0There was also an active thread about the NAHB and a proposed designer certification program they want to offer. This topic generated several responses and can be found here:

0The forum page is also a great way to discuss the technical aspects architects must face. Check out a brown water issue in Mike Mense’s post found here: And help out fellow architect Donald Duffy with some advice on exterior finishes here:

0Join in on the discussion forums on the CRAN Knowledge Network by heading to the discussion page found here:


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CRAN Chronicle: January 2013 - CRAN Forum Highlights


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