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SPP Journal: Issue number 59 | Summer 2013

0Discovered Details

0Modern and Traditional Details in Asia

0Jean Dufresne is a principal at SPACE Architects + Planners in Chicago, a Small Firm Round Table Representative and a member of the SPP Advisory Group.

0Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City designed by Ngô Viết Thụ, 1962-1966.
This is a gorgeous midcentury modern building. The shading device is elegant and simple, creating a lovely play of shadows on the floor while layering the building's exterior with a playful grid over glass. The detail is gorgeous when viewing the entire façade, yet scaled for up close view as well.

0(Photograph by Jean Dufresne)

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, designed by Moshe Safdie, 2011.
The interior hall of the complex has this incredible perspective view when one looks up at the two faces sloping into each other, as they go up.


0(Photograph by Jean Dufresne)

Grand Palace in Bangkok, 1782.
The clay tile roofs are amazing and so colorful. The impact is dramatic and inspiring, considering the labor and artistry involved.

(Photograph by Jean Dufresne)

0Call for Submissions – Discovered Details

0Submission Deadline: Oct. 1, 2013

0The SPP Journal is seeking submissions of image(s) and a brief explanation of interesting architectural details for publication in upcoming issues. Details may include vernacular, modern, or historic details and may be simple or elaborate, decorative or functional, universal or unique. Submissions should include:

01-2 photographs of the detail which showcase its importance and composition

0A description of the detail including why it is important or interesting

0Name of the project, the architect (if known), date (if known), location

0Name and affiliation of the submitter

0All submissions should be sent to

0Details will be selected based on clarity, artistic composition, architectural expression, and relevance to the topics of the specific journal issue.

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SPP Journal 59: Discovered Details - Modern and Traditional Details in Asia


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