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CRAN is proud to announce CRANtv!

CRANtv is a new series of videos intended to educate the public on the importance of hiring an architect, to help the public understand the value of the architectural process, and give the public tips on finding the most qualified architect for a project. The goal of CRANtv is to educate the public virally through the internet. All videos will be hosted on our new CRANtv YouTube channel located at

The first video--“The Architects Education”--is intended to show the public how an architect differs from a draftsperson or designer, through education, internship, testing, and continuing education. Most importantly, the video explains that the architect's service adds value to one’s home over time, helps avoid costly mistakes during construction, and optimizes budget, aesthetics, function and durability. It is the goal of CRAN that architects post links to these videos on their websites, or direct potential clients to CRANtv by sharing a link. The link will also reside on CRAN’s home page on the AIA website. Some tentative subjects for future videos are:

      Choosing an Architect

      Who Needs an Architect?

      An Architect’s Toolkit: Elements of Design

      The Architect's Basic Services: What we Do

      The Architect's Additional Services: What more we can Do

      The Architect's Contract

      The Architect’s Toolkit: Resources of the Office

      The Architect's Drawings and Specifications

      The Architect's Insurance

      The Architect's Compensation

      The Architect's Staff

      The Architect's Process

      Architecture and Sustainability: A Primer

      Value and Cost: Assessing the Difference

      Contextual Sustainability, resale and local labor

The CRAN Advisory Group voted to fund the first four videos of this series with the proceeds from our annual national symposiums. We are in debt to our many sponsors. Furthermore, CRAN has received a grant from AIA National to build two more videos for a total of six. It is our hope that we can produce a video every other month over the next year.

Doug Patt of “How To Architect” and David Andreozzi , our incoming CRAN AG Chair, are teaming up to develop the scripts, which are then reviewed and approved by CRAN Advisory Group’s Executive Committee and the AIA’s National Staff for legal consulting. Doug Patt is a registered licensed architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects. He's worked in field for almost 20 years specializing in high-end residential architecture. Doug is the author of the book How to Architect, published by MIT Press Spring 2012. He is also a product developer, inventor, classically trained painter, teacher, and speaker.

CRANtv welcomes all ideas and suggestions to David Andreozzi at


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