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      SPP Journal: Issue number 60 | January 2014

      0Letter from the Editor

      0Welcome to the New Year and the 60th Issue of the Small Projects Practitioners Journal. In celebration of the New Year, this issue is dedicated to new directions in the AIA. As a profession, we are facing many pressures including ever changing technology, hyper specialization, the public underestimating architects’ value, shrinking budgets, and the need for sustainable buildings. However, it is also essential to remember the importance of design, as architecture is primarily a design field where we use technical tools to realize our ideas. As small projects practitioners we are in contact with all phases of design, and it is my hope that the articles in this issue will help us focus on ways to improve the entire design process.

      0Jane Frederick, FAIA introduces the AIA’s repositioning initiative and explains how it relates to Small Project Practitioners. One of the programs to support the repositioning is the Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK). Virginia Ebbert discusses the resources and organization of BRIK and how to use it. Marc Manack, AIA concludes with a call to place design in the forefront.

      0Marika Snider, AIA

      0SPP Journal Editor / SPP Advisory Group Member

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SPP Journal 60


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