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William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library (Columbus, OH) / Architect: Gund Partnership / Image credit: Feinknopf LLC     

What Is The Architect's Knowledge Resource?

The Architect's Knowledge Resource connects AIA members and others to the most current information on architecture, including research, best practices, product reviews, ratings, image banks, trends, and more. It's your place to find solutions, share your expertise, and connnect with colleagues.

Resources for Diversity

akr Design Matters

2011 AIA / COTE Top Ten Green Projects

Computer modeling was used to evaluate how to maximize energy performance of the building envelope, HVAC, and other systems. Reducing the volume & frequency of forced airflow for heating & cooling has paid dividends in reduced energy use & improved acoustic performance of the auditorium.

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Diversity and the AIA

The AIA recognizes that diversity can add richness to the architecture profession and is committed to mirroring the society it serves.

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Recently Added

akr recently added

Design Matters

As practitioners approach their 60s, many are looking at retirement options and choosing to work beyond age 65.

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Face of the AIA

On Project Delivery

  • Presenter: AIA's Center for Integrated Practice

faceofaiaBetsy del Monte, FAIA, outlines how integrated project delivery distinguishes itself from other delivery methods and what IPD means for sustainability. [AIA Podnet 25:58]

Practice Tools

Shirakawa-go Gassho Style Thatched Roof (video)

Shirakawa-go Gassho Style Thatched Roof (video)This video of the attic space shows the tied timber connections of gassho style roofs on Japanese folk houses. [AIA COD]

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