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IDP Coordinator Information and Resources

What is an IDP Coordinator?

IDP Coordinators have the important and admirable responsibility of ensuring that interns, supervisors, and mentors have accurate and up-to-date knowledge regarding the process of becoming a licensed architect in the United States. IDP Coordinators communicate regularly with the AIA, NCARB, and each other to maintain currency, pose questions, and share ideas and best practices.

The AIA and NCARB invite IDP Coordinators to an annual conference where they converge to learn about, discuss, and improve aspects of IDP. Additionally, IDP Coordinators have the chance to impact IDP as members of committees co-sponsored by the AIA and NCARB.



IDP Coordinator Responsibilities

Specifically, IDP coordinators are asked to:

    • Maintain a thorough understanding of the requirements, objectives, and resources for IDP, ARE©, and NCARB certification;

    • Collaborate with NCARB and IDP support networks – including AIAS chapters, AIA components, and state registration boards – to strengthen awareness of the required components of licensure and its importance to emerging professionals;

    • Communicate with the state registration board to maintain a thorough understanding of state requirements and procedures; and

    • Regularly participate in training and development programs.

To achieve these objectives, the AIA and NCARB provide numerous resources, including:

    • An annual IDP Coordinators Conference;

    • Training materials, such as “Career Building Blocks” and “Mentoring Essentials” programs;

    • Staff support for assistance with understanding program requirements, processes, and opportunities; and

    • Access to an IDP Coordinator Web-based information sharing site.

Types of IDP Coordinators

There are three types of IDP Coordinators: State, Educator, and Auxiliary.

IDP State Coordinators are appointed by each AIA state component. IDP State Coordinators disseminate accurate and up-to-date information on IDP, ARE, and licensure requirements specific to their respective jurisdictions. They may also be asked to give presentations at architecture firms, state conventions, and AIA component events. Currently, AIA provides financial support for State Coordinators to attend the IDP Coordinators Conference. NCARB maintains a complete list of State Coordinators and publishes their contact information online so that individuals may direct appropriate questions to them. Please see the State Coordinator position description for complete information on the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of this position.

IDP Educator Coordinators are appointed by the Dean of each NAAB-accredited school of architecture. The 2009 NAAB Conditions for Accreditation state, “An accredited degree program must demonstrate that an IDP Education Coordinator has been appointed, is trained in the issues of IDP, has regular communication with students, is fulfilling the requirements as outlined in the IDP Educator Coordinator position description, and regularly attends IDP Coordinator training and development programs.” IDP Educator Coordinators are usually members of their respective faculties, serving as resources to prospective and current students, instructors and professors, and alumni of their respective schools. They are responsible for offering guidance to students on IDP and the path to licensure, and may make presentations on these topics to studios and classes. Currently, NCARB provides financial support for Educator Coordinators to attend the IDP Coordinators Conference. Their contact information is also available to the public through the NCARB Web site. Please see the Educator Coordinator position description for complete information on the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of this position.

IDP Auxiliary Coordinators are self-appointed individuals who volunteer to educate their firms and communities about IDP. They remain informed about IDP by communicating with the AIA, NCARB, and other IDP Coordinators, and they are invited to attend the annual IDP Coordinators Conference. Auxiliary Coordinators are neither funded nor monitored by the AIA or NCARB, and their contact information is not posted publicly. Auxiliary Coordinators are most often associated with, but not limited to, an architecture firm, a non-accredited school of architecture, a local AIA component, a state registration board, or an AIAS chapter. Please see the Auxiliary Coordinator position description for complete information on the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of this position.

Resources for IDP Coordinators

Join the team!
Contact and to express interest in becoming an IDP Auxiliary Coordinator. Auxiliary Coordinator Rosters are maintained by NCARB, but not released to the public.

IDP Coordinators Conference
The IDP Coordinators Conference is an annual gathering of IDP Coordinators. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the tools and information you need to be an effective IDP coordinator, and gain AIA CEU’s for attendance.

IDP Coordinator Portal
Coordinators-stay connected to the IDP Coordinator community and log onto NCARB’s IDP Coordinator Portal to access the IDP Coordinators SharePoint site. There are also sub-sites for State, Educator and Auxiliary coordinators. If you cannot view, please request access to the sites on the page, or email

Contact your IDP Coordinator

Please visit NCARB’s website to view the State Coordinator and Educator Coordinator Rosters. Get help get finding your Coordinator by contacting

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To keep up-to-date on changes to IDP or ARE, NCARB publishes several newsletters, including IDP E-News. To receive emails, fill out the e-newsletter web form.


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