The Architects of Healing

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The Architects of Healing | More Videos from the Ceremony

The entire Architects of Healing Ceremony is comprised of nine videos. To watch the first five videos, click on a video in the slideshow above or use the arrows on the left and right of the video player to select a video.

The story continues below. The first four videos conclude the ceremony. The final two videos, which profile the Flight 93 Memorial and the Pentagon rebuilding and 9/11 Memorial, debuted at the 2012 AIA National Convention.

Craig Dykers

Craig Dykers, AIA

"We saw…that everyday life and culture, and a fixed memory, could exist in the same place. "

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Steven Davis, FAIA

Steven M. Davis, FAIA

"Above all this project is about the people and the lives that were lost. We honor them, and this project is dedicated to them. "

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Santiago Calatrava, FAIA

Santiago Calatrava, AIA

“We are marking a turning point, taking the ruins, and making something positive. "

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The Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony

Jeff Potter, FAIA, Robert Ivy, FAIA, and Mickey Jacob, FAIA, presented commemorative medals to the architects of the World Trade Center, Shanksville, and Pentagon projects, and members of all the project teams were invited onstage to receive an AIA Presidential Citation.

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Designing the Flight 93 Memorial

Designing the Flight 93 Memorial

As a preview to the Architects of Healing ceremony, Jeff Potter, FAIA, opened the May 17 general session with the story of the Flight 93 National Memorial. In a special video debuted at convention, Paul Murdoch, AIA, talked about the feelings that became the inspiration for the memorial.

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Designing the Pentagon Phoenix Project and National 9/11 Memorial

Designing the Pentagon Phoenix Project and the National 9/11 Memorial

During the May 18 general session, Jeff Potter, FAIA, shared the next chapter in the story of the Architects of Healing. In a second video debuted at convention, the architects behind the 9/11 Pentagon Phoenix Project and the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial shared their personal stories.

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The Architects of Healing:
The First Five Videos

A special AIA Convention ceremony on May 19, 2012, honored the architects involved in post-9/11 memorials and rebuilding efforts. Seven of these architects shared their personal reflections about what inspired them to step forward in response to a national tragedy.

More than 130 architects also involved in these efforts received AIA Presidential Citations and 15 architects received specially commissioned gold medallions.

Click on an image above to watch the first five videos from the ceremony. Scroll down to watch the remaining six videos to see the rest of the ceremony and watch two new videos debuted at convention.

The Architects of Healing Team Members

More than 130 architects received AIA Presidential Citations for their role in post-9/11 memorials and rebuilding efforts.

  • View the complete list of recipients
  • Download the program brochure (PDF)

    Interviews with the Architects

    Michael Arad, AIA

  • Reflecting Absence
  • David Childs, FAIA

  • 1 World Trade Center
  • Interview with AIArchitect
  • Daniel Libeskind, AIA

  • The Healing Power of Place
  • More from AIArchitect

  • Honoring the Architects of Healing
  • Slideshow: Architects of Healing Ceremony

    Videos from the Ceremony

    Watch the entire Architects of Healing ceremony on YouTube.

  • Jeff Potter, FAIA, & Robert Ivy, FAIA
  • Robert Davidson, FAIA
  • Daniel Libeskind, AIA
  • David Childs, FAIA
  • Michael Arad, AIA
  • Craig Dykers, AIA
  • Steven Davis, FAIA
  • Santiago Calatrava, FAIA
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Flight 93 Memorial
  • Pentagon Rebuilding & 9/11 Memorial
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