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AIA Document A521™–2012, Uniform Location of Subject Matter. General guidance to users preparing bidding and construction contract documents for determining the proper location of information to be included in bidding documents, the contract for construction, General Conditions, Supplementary Conditions, and Division 01 General Requirements and Divisions 02-49 Specifications.

AIA Document B106™–2010, Owner/Architect Agreement for Pro Bono Services. An interactive B106 form is available free of charge from AIA Documents on Demand®. Also download AIA Pro Bono Service Guidelines free of charge.

AIA Document E202™–2008, BIM Protocol Exhibit (sample copy). Procedures and protocols for developing and managing a Building Information Model. Attach AIA Document E202 to an agreement for design services or construction.

AIA Document G612™–2001, Instructions to the Architect. Essential information about the owner, contract terms, delivery methods and bidding procedures. Minor revisions (Oct-2010) conform AIA Document G612 to recently published AIA documents.

Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide. Information on the principles of integrated project delivery (IPD), and guidance on utilizing IPD methods to improve design, construction and operations processes.

Corrections and Modifications

A typographical error in AIA Document 232™–2009, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition, is corrected in AIA Contract Documents® software ver. 4.5 (Dec-2011) and newer versions. The correction is in Section 10.3.3.

Modifications to AIA Document C195™–2008 (Rev. Oct-2009), Single Purpose Entity Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery. Modifications are in Articles 1, 6 and 18, and C195 Exhibit E-DD, Integrated Scope of Services.

Modifications to AIA Document C197™–2009 (Rev. May-2010), Single Purpose Entity/Non-Owner Member Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery. Modifications are in Article 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about new AIA Contract Documents

FAQs about the 2012 Sustainable Projects documents and AIA Document B214™ (new edition). AIA Document B214™–2012 (Architect’s Services: LEED® Certification) and AIA documents for sustainable projects: AIA Documents A101™ SP (Owner/Contractor Agreement), A201™ SP (General Conditions), A401™ SP (Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement), B101™ SP (Owner/Architect Agreement), and C401™ SP (Architect/Consultant Agreement).

FAQs about AIA Document D503™–2011, Sustainable Projects Guide

FAQs about Other AIA Contract Documents

AIA Contract Documents in general

Integrated Project Delivery: transitional agreements (AIA Documents A195™, A295™ and B195™), the multi-party agreement (AIA Document C191™), and single purpose entity agreements (AIA Documents C195™, C196™, C197™, C198™ and C199™).

Digital practice documents: AIA Documents C106™ and E201™

In addition, the Contract Documents Knowledge Base answers some 500 FAQs about purchasing AIA documents, using AIA Contract Documents® software, and selecting and understanding AIA forms, construction documents and professional agreements.

Education Library

Visit the Education Library on the Contract Documents Training & Education Portal for information on podcasts, Webinars and on-demand courses.

History, Policies and Drafting Principles

A history of AIA Contract Documents, and document drafting principles and revision policies.

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