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Trusted by a broad spectrum of building professionals, AIA Contract Documents reflect current practices in the construction industry. Customers have used AIA Contract Documents for more than 120 years to manage the details of their projects and manage risk. Developed collaboratively and continually evolving since 1888, they are the most reliable, respected standard-form contracts available. Here’s what a few clients have to say about their experiences and how AIA Contract Documents have helped them.


Jeff Bingham

Bingham Construction

San Diego California


“I’ve used the AIA Contract software for 4 years here at Bingham Construction, and the AIA Contracts for nearly 20 years throughout my career. They are the industry standard and have helped me achieve success while mitigating risk. I look forward to continued upgrades to the user interface to make the software more user friendly as well as the utilization of cloud technology to support the software platform. I’m a contractor, and without the exceptional contracts from the AIA, I wouldn’t be in business today.”


Jim Anstis

Sole practitioner

Architecture 4, West Palm Beach, FL


“As a professor, I know that AIA Contract Documents have been in existence for all of the 20th century and part of the 19th century, and that they are tried and tested. As someone who uses the documents, I’ve never had any problems with other parties accepting AIA’s standard documents, and some major public agencies here in Florida actually use contracts that are based largely on AIA documents. What lies within the A201 general conditions document has a significant impact on practicing professionals and students alike—that’s what makes it such a foundational document.

As an architect, I’m absolutely confident that substantive, cross-industry discussions and input have helped the AIA reach what they are sure is a broadly accepted consensus. The documents include all items necessary for the completion of a project, because they are written by the most experienced people in the industry.”


Lynn Dominguez

Contracts Administrator

GA Dominguez

Escondido CA


“We absolutely love using the Documents on Demand option from AIA.  We’ve used AIA documents for the past 17 years and look forward to continuing to rely upon AIA to provide us with up-to-date legally sound contracts and supporting documents.”


Timothy R. Twomey, Esq., FAIA

Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

RTKL Associates Inc., Baltimore MD


“If given the choice, I’ve always used AIA Contract Documents because they are the most widely used, well-understood and fairest standard-form documents. They are viewed as being the most balanced industry-form documents, and even those parties who choose to create their own agreements often base their versions on the AIA documents. Most owners do feel that AIA Contract Documents are the fairest starting points for their projects, and that they greatly facilitate the negotiation and execution of their agreements.

One key factor in using AIA Contract Documents is that they are the most court-tested documents out there. As such, people have a high confidence level that what the documents say is what they mean.”


Gunther O. Carrle

Managing Director

Powell, Trachtman, Logan, Carrle and Lombardo, P.C.


“As the firm’s Managing Director and a Co-Chair of its A/E Practice group, I’ve chosen to use the AIA Contract Document set for several reasons.

When you prepare your own agreements, or use agreements drafted by others, potential internal inconsistency is a big problem—especially on complex projects. AIA Contract Documents have substantially reduced that risk. All of the documents are based on the same clear, well-understood terminology and are coordinated and internally consistent. They have become the industry standard, and because they solicit input from owner and contractor groups and other groups of design professionals, they are among the most complete and even-handed documents you can find.

The software is a wonderful way of manipulating and sharing the documents in a way that makes it very easy for other people to review what you’ve done. One of the advantages of the software is knowing immediately what’s been changed so you don’t have to comb through the documents word for word.”


Linton D. Stables, III, CSI, CCS, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Specifier

Perkins Eastman, New York City, N.Y.


“What I like about AIA Contract Documents is their consistency and dependability. Knowing the documents means that when you’re in the field and something unexpected comes up, you know what to do. They’re really clear on all the details about delays, and their organization makes a lot of sense. The fact that they’re so widely used makes them easy to administer—you always know exactly where to go to find what you need, and it’s always there, always in the same place.

When you go from one job to the next, to have the same knowledge apply is so helpful. If you have new contracts with new general conditions for each project, it’s very hard to write the specifications and to administer them in the field. Contractors and architects like AIA’s documents because they know they don’t have wacky ideas, and I feel like using AIA’s documents builds trust among all the parties. The AIA documents help eliminate mistakes.”


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