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Annual Limited Docs 300 License

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The Annual Limited Docs 300 License is designed for users who have a limited need for AIA Contract Documents and includes the same AIA Contract Documents and forms as all other licenses. The Annual Limited Docs 300 License creates a document unit (DU) account with 300 DUs. DU values for the new software have changed from DU values in the 3.0 PLUS Meter License. For example, DU values vary from five for G-Series forms to 25 for some agreements in the Annual Limited Docs 300 License.

Each contract document is assigned a specific DU value . As final documents are generated, the associated DU value is subtracted from the total in the DU account. The DU value is subtracted only when a final document is first generated. Users may generate as many draft documents or print as many final documents as needed without affecting the DU balance The DU value of individual documents determines how many projects the Annual Limited Docs 300 License will cover. The software license and all unused DUs expire one year from the date of purchase, or when the DUs are all used, whichever occurs first.

No additional DUs can be purchased during the license period. If all of the document units are used in less than one year, another Annual Limited Docs 300 License must be purchased. Should there be remaining DUs when purchasing another Annual Limited Docs 300 License, up to 50 DUs can be carried forward. 


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