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AIA Document Comparisons

Comparisons of current and previous editions of AIA Contract Documents, or basic and special versions (e.g., basic and Sustainable Projects versions), either side by side in a table, or in an underline/strikethrough format showing new and old text.

NEW IN 2014: Comparisons of owner/architect and owner/contractor agreements in the Conventional (A201) family, highlighting provisions that distinguish one document from another.

Conventional (A201)

Current and previous editions, either side-by-side comparison or underline/strikethrough format (comparative).

A101–2007/1997, Owner/Contractor Agreement—Stipulated Sum (comparative)

A102–2007/A111–1997, Owner/Contractor Agreement—Cost Plus Fee, with GMP (comparative)

A103–2007/A114–2001, Owner/Contractor Agreement—Cost Plus Fee, no GMP (comparative)

A107–2007/1997, Owner/Contractor Agreement—Project of Limited Scope (comparative)

A201–2007/1997, General Conditions (comparative)

A401–2007/1997, Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement (comparative)

B101–2007/B151–1997, Owner/Architect Agreement (side-by-side comparison)

B102–2007/B141–1997 Part 1, O/A Agreement—no Predefined Scope of Architect’s Services
(side-by-side comparison)

B201–2007/B141–1997 Part 2, Architect's Services: Design and Construction Contract Administration (side-by-side comparison)

Construction Manager as Adviser (CMa)

Current and previous editions, either side-by-side comparison or underline/strikethrough format (comparative).

A132–2009/A101CMa–1992, O/C Agreement, CMa Edition (side-by-side comparison)

A232–2009/A201CMa–1992, General Conditions, CMa Edition (comparative).
NOTE: A typographical error in AIA Document A232 is corrected in Section 10.3.3.

B132–2009/B141CMa–1992, O/A Agreement, CMa Edition (side-by-side comparison)

C132–2009/B801CMa–1992, O/CMa Agreement (side-by-side comparison)

Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc)

Side-by-side comparisons of current and previous editions.

A133–2009/A121CMc–1992, Owner/CMc Agreement—Cost of the Work, with GMP

A134–2009/A131CMc–1992, Owner/CMc Agreement—Cost of the Work, no GMP

Contract Administration and Project Management Forms

AIA Bond Form Commentary and Comparison, A310–2010/1970 and A312–2010/1984, Bid Bond, and Performance Bond and Payment Bond

Sustainable Projects

Basic and Sustainable Projects (SP) versions of selected Conventional, CMa and CMc documents, in underline/strikethrough format.

Conventional (A201) documents, including A101/A101 SP owner/contractor and B101/B101 SP owner/architect agreements; A201/A201 SP General Conditions; Construction Manager as Adviser (CMa) documents, including A132/A132 SP owner/contractor and B132/B132 SP owner/architect agreements; A232/A232 SP, General Conditions; and Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) documents, including A133/A133 SP and A134/A134 SP agreements.

View a full list of AIA document comparisons for SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS.

For questions about the content of specific documents, which document to use, or how to complete a document, call (202) 626-7526 or contact Also visit the AIA Contract Documents Knowledge Base, which answers some 500 questions about purchasing documents, using AIA Contract Documents® software, and selecting and understanding AIA documents and forms.

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