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FAQs, information on corrections and modifications, a description of the AIA’s document numbering system, and lists of current, retired and expired AIA Contract Documents.

Current Documents and Availability

Description of the AIA’s document numbering system, and lists of AIA Contract Documents by family (Conventional, Design-Build, etc.) and series (O/A agreements, O/C agreements, etc.), with availability in AIA Contract Documents® software, paper from local distributors, and AIA Documents on Demand®.

See also, a list of retired AIA Contract Documents (since 2007) and a complete list of expired documents (since 1888). The expiry period after document retirement is usually 18 months.

Corrections, Modifications and Important Information

Important information potentially affecting AIA Documents A105–2007 and B105–2007. Please read the following memorandum, “Important information related to requirements of state or local laws to include additional provisions in residential construction contracts,” June 2014.

Due to recent developments in the insurance industry regarding insurance cancelation notice requirements, the standard text of the following documents may need to be edited: AIA Documents A107–2007; A141–2004, Ex. A; A142–2004, Ex. A; A142–2004, Ex. E; A201–2007; A201–2007 SP; A232–2009; A232–2009 SP; A251–2007; A295–2008; A401–2007; A401–2007 SP; A441–2008; C101–1993; C191–2009, Ex. A; C196–2008; C197–2008; C198–2010; and C199–2010, Ex. A. For background information and suggested edits, please read the following memorandum, “Changes in the Insurance Industry Impact Notice of Policy Cancelation Provisions in AIA Contract Documents,” June 2014.

A typographical error in AIA Document 232–2009, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition, is corrected in AIA Contract Documents® software ver. 4.5 (Dec-2011) and newer versions. The correction is in Section 10.3.3.

Modifications to AIA Document C195–2008 (Rev. Oct-2009), Single Purpose Entity Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery. Modifications are in Articles 1, 6 and 18, and C195 Exhibit E-DD, Integrated Scope of Services.

Modifications to AIA Document C197–2009 (Rev. May-2010), Single Purpose Entity/Non-Owner Member Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery. Modifications are in Article 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs—Fall 2015 Documents Release, including a new Owner/Consultant agreement and two Consultant’s Services documents, and several new form documents in the Design-Build family.

FAQs—Spring 2015 Documents Release, including three new documents in the Design-Build family, and a new Teaming agreement.

FAQs—Fall 2014 Documents Release, including three sets of Master Agreements with Work or Service Orders, an Owner/Program Manager Agreement for use on a single project, and an Owner/Architect Agreement for the Construction Manager as Constructor family.

FAQs—2014 Design-Build Documents

FAQs—D503 Guide for Sustainable Projects, including Commentary on the Sustainable Projects Documents (2013 update)

FAQs—AIA 2013 Digital Practice documents: C106, Digital Data Licensing Agreement; E203 BIM and Digital Data Exhibit; G201 Project Digital Data Protocol Form and G202 Project BIM Protocol Form)

FAQs—Program Management family: B171, Owner/Design Manager Agreement—Multiple Project Program; B172, Owner/Architect Agreement—Architect of Record Services; and C171, Owner/Program Manager Agreement—Multiple Project Program.

FAQs—Guide to AIA Contract Documents for Small Projects: Resources for Small Project Practitioners, including Small Firms, Sole Practitioners and Custom Residential Architects

Other Documents

FAQs—2012 Sustainable Projects (SP) documents: AIA Documents A101 SP O/C Agreement, A201 SP General Conditions, A401 SP Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement, B101 SP O/A Agreement, C401 SP Architect/Consultant Agreement, and B214 Architect’s Services: LEED® Certification.

FAQs—AIA Contract Documents for Integrated Project Delivery: transitional, multi-party and single purpose entity agreements.

FAQs—AIA Contract Documents in general

Contract Documents Knowledge Base

Visit the AIA Contract Documents Knowledge Base, which answers some 500 questions about purchasing documents, using AIA Contract Documents® software, and selecting and understanding AIA documents and forms. For questions about the content of specific documents, which document to use, or how to complete a document, call (202) 626-7526 or contact

Education Library

Visit Docucation, the Contract Documents training and education portal, for podcasts, Webinars and on-demand courses.

History, Policies and Drafting Principles

The American Institute of Architects publishes more than 120 contracts and administrative forms that are recognized throughout the design and construction industry as the benchmark documents for managing transactions and relationships involved in construction projects. The AIA's prominence in the field is based on 120 years of experience creating and updating its documents. The history of AIA Contract Documents dates to 1888 when the AIA first published the Uniform Contract for use between an owner and a contractor. In 1911, the AIA published its first standardized general conditions for construction. The first set of Standard Documents of the AIA was published in 1911; and the Second Edition of the Standard Documents, in 1915. The 2007 edition of AIA Document A201™ is the sixteenth edition of the general conditions.

Read more about the history of AIA Contract Documents, and review document drafting principles and revision policies.

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