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Release Notes Version

1. Document set

The documentation set for this product includes:

      • Readme.txt - document set, new features, fixed in this version, known issues and contact information.

      • End User License Agreement - The end user reviews this document during the installation process. Also available online

      • See

      • Software help - Help screens which provide guidance for performing a task.

      • Document Specific help - context-sensitive instruction screens that provide guidance on the use of the AIA Contract Documents.

      • Document General help - document synopses and other documents that provide general and supplementary guidance on the use of the AIA Contract Documents.

      • Knowledge Base (Online) - an online repository of frequently asked questions and their answers that address your AIA Contract Documents software and content questions quickly and efficiently, with answers to over 400 questions, and an easy-to-use search feature. See

      • Web Tutorial (Online) - Using a sample project to create some of the documents that you might use on a typical project, AIA Contract Documents Software's self-paced, no cost tutorial demonstrates the software's primary features in six separate lessons. You need Macromedia Flash Player installed on your computer to view this tutorial. See

2. Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for this release are as follows:

    • Microsoft® Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems (32 and 64-bit, all with the latest service packs)

    • Microsoft® Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 (all with the latest service packs)

    • Microsoft® Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013 (all with the latest service packs)

This release of AIA Contract Documents software does not support the Macintosh platform.

3. New or Fixed in version

The following documents have been added:

      • C103™-2015, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Consultant without a Predefined Scope of Consultant’s Services

      • C201™-2015, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services: Land Survey

      • C202™-2015, Standard Form of Consultant’s Services: Geotechnical Engineering

      • G741™-2015, Change Order for a Design-Build Project

      • G742™-2015, Contractor Variation, Application and Certificate for Payment for a Design-Build Project

      • G742™-2015, Subcontractor Variation, Application and Certificate for Payment for a Design-Build Project

      • G743™-2015, Contractor Variation, Continuation Sheet for a Design-Build Project

      • G743™-2015, Subcontractor Variation, Continuation Sheet for a Design-Build Project

      • G745™-2015, Change Directive for a Design-Build ProjectA145™–2015, Exhibit A, Design-Build Amendment

The following items are new:

      • Support for Windows 10 operating system

4. Known issues

Here are the known issues in this release:

4.01 Data Dialog Options

Ensure that all instances of Microsoft Word are closed before changing user settings related to the Data Dialog.

4.02 Encryption options in Excel 2007

When first saving an Excel Draft in Excel 2007 you may be prompted to increase the encryption strength by converting to an Open Office XML format. Answer No to this prompt.

4.03 Non-numerics in Excel Drafts

Entering non-numeric values in fields that expect numbers will cause any dependent calculations to display as #VALUE in the Excel Draft. These will however come through as blanks in the final document.

4.04 B161 constant repagination

Using the Data Dialog with these documents that contain a large number of Form Fields could cause a "constant flashing" or "frozen" effect when moving between the Data Dialog and the document, particularly if the Content Navigator is visible.

To work around this problem you may:

- accept all track changes and turn track changes off OR

- view the doc in Final mode (as opposed to Final showing markup) OR

- view the doc in Normal mode (as opposed to Print Layout)

4.05 Adobe Reader 9.0 hangs when opening a PDF

When double-clicking on some Checked Draft or Finals, Adobe reader 9.0 will hang. These pdf have Arial MS Unicode font embedded. This is caused by the absence of the file CP949.TXT from

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Resource\TypeSupport\Unicode\Mappings\win" directory.

This file can be downloaded this from Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/MICSFT/WINDOWS/CP949.TXT and copied to the specified location.

4.06 Fillpoints deleted in Custom Templates created in older versions

When using the Data Dialog with Custom Templates that were migrated from version 2 or 3, a number of the fields may show as "Fillpoint Deleted". These Fillpoints will not be editable via the Data Dialog in the Custom Template nor in Drafts based on this Custom Template.

This is due to the difference in format between version 2.x or 3.x and version 4.x Custom Templates. In order to rectify it is suggested that the Custom Template be recreated in version 4.x from the standard AIA Template.

4.07 Memory Error creating Draft from B161 Custom Template

Due to the size and complexity of the B161 some users may experience a COM Exception and/or "There is not enough memory or disk space to display or print the picture" error when creating a new document from a B161 Custom Template.

4.08 Comments field for a file can be lost

The contents of a file’s Comments field, as displayed in the AIA Contract Documents software, may be lost when emailing the document or copying the file to a storage device such as a CD or flash disk.

4.09 Continuous page break when on the last line of a page

If a continuous page break falls right at the last line of a page, it is converted to a new page section break. This causes a new section start which assumes the first page footer again and the page number reads "1". A workaround for the user is to insert or remove carriage returns so as to ensure the section break either starts on a new page or before the last line of a page.

4.10 Limits for numeric fields

If a value of greater than 100 billion or less than -100 billion is entered into a numeric field of a Document Specific Dialog, an error message is displayed.

4.11 Cannot spellcheck last table in G805 and G810

A bug in Word prevents the user from spellchecking the final table in the G805 and G810.

4.12 PDFs remain open after printing from within the software

When using the AIA Contract Document software's Print button to print a PDF document, the PDF document remains open after the print.

4.13 HP's Share-to-Web software

If HP's Share-to-Web software has been installed on the PC and the user creates a remote project, the AIA Contract Software will not properly close when the user exits the software. The user will need to manually end the AIAContracts.exe from Windows Task Manager.

4.14 Use of balloons in Word XP, 2003 and 2007 Track Changes

AIA Contract Documents makes extensive use of MS Word's Track Changes functionality. Displaying Track Changes in balloons (available in Word XP, 2003 and 2007) results in formatting inconsistencies due to the changes in the margin size that Word XP's Balloons necessitate.

To address this issue, users can disable Balloons by clicking Tools > Options in Word and deselecting the Balloons checkbox on the Track Changes tab.

4.15 Track Changes color

When newly created documents are first loaded in MS Word, the Track Changes marked edits can appear in a different color (as determined by your preferences settings - see Tools > Options > Track Changes). The Track Changes edits revert to your usual color when next opened.

4.16 Printing a document that is already open

Printing a document that is already open using the Software's Print button may result in an error being displayed. A workaround for this error is to first close the document before using the software's Print button.

4.17 Large fonts and large DPI settings

The software is not displayed optimally when the display of the computer is set to large fonts and large DPI settings along with a resolution setting of 800 x 600.

4.18 Running AIA's and Word's spell-checker simultaneously

An error will appear when a user attempts to run both AIA's spell-checker and Word's spell-checker simultaneously.

4.19 Unable to open Draft after creation

Users running Vista with Office 2007 may experience errors such as "The system cannot find the file specified" or "Windows cannot find... " when opening Word or Excel Working Drafts immediately after creation. A second attempt to open them from the Documents tab should resolve the issue.

4.20 Side-effects of running the install as a Standard User on Vista

If the software is installed on a Vista machine as a Standard User, you may get a "Word cannot print. There is no printer installed." error when generating a Final. To resolve, log the user off and on again or reboot the machine.

Furthermore, if the software was run straight after the install, the conversion of old data will occur to the wrong user's profile. The data will appear fine after first run but when closing and reopening the software it will be missing. Should this occur please contact Technical Support to assist with recovery of the data.

4.21 Digital signature markers in some Finals based on Drafts created in version 2.x of the software

When producing a Final from certain Drafts e.g. the A107-1997 that were created in version 2.x and specifying to use digital signatures, the digital signature markers will be absent and a (row delete) notation added.

4.22 Performing other Word-related operations during Final production

Opening Microsoft Word while the system is busy generating a Final, can result in an "IO Exception" or the Final production hanging.

4.23 Bad Parameter error when finalizing a document

Users running an OEM ("Original Equipment Manufacturer") version of Microsoft Word may experience a "Bad Parameter" error when finalizing or variance checking their documents. This is a known issue in Microsoft Word when user details have not been entered.

To resolve the problem users should go into their Word Options and enter their user name and initials.

For more details see:

4.24 G701-2001 Calculations and Regional Settings

In the G701-2201, in order for the fields to be calculated correctly, the following Regional Options must be used for Numbers and Currency:

1) the digit grouping symbol must be a comma (,)

2) the decimal symbol must be a period (.)

For more details see:

4.25 Producing finals results in the error "Rebuild failed:trailer not found" for some users

This is caused by a regional setting on the user's computer which has the positive sign set to '0' instead of "+". If users experience this error, they should change their language setting to another language, apply the change, and then set it back again.

4.26 Digitally signing documents with older versions of NitroPDF (4.9.1 and earlier) may cause the software to be unable to correctly identify finals.

The document will appear in the documents list with a category of 'Other'.

4.27 When creating a final document, users may get an error "Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc."

This can be solved, as per

4.28 If Adobe Reader is installed after the software is installed and the software is running, the software must be closed and re-opened for it to recognize the Adobe installation.


4.29 There is a known bug in Office 2007 where trying to finalize or variance check *.docx files gives the error “The password is incorrect” and using the AIA Word toolbar fails with the error “The Protect method or property is not available because the document is already protected”.

Please install the following security update from Microsoft (KB969604):

4.30 When a third party Microsoft Word addin is installed, the system requirements tests fail for Microsoft Word unless Word has been opened at least once.

If this occurs, open and close Microsoft Word, and reattempt the installation of the software.

4.31 Instruction text shows in the Addition and Deletions Report

Occasionally instruction text appears erroneously in the Additions and Deletions report for example:

(Name, legal status, address and other information)

4.32 Error dialog email link does not work on 64-bit Operating Systems

Should an error occur, there will be an email button on the error dialog for forwarding the details of the error to the AIA. This email button will not work on 64-bit operating systems. Should an error occur, please e-mail the details to

4.33 Windows 8 does not have .NET 2.0 installed by default, causing the Install Requirements Test to fail the .NET 2.0 test.

To install .NET 2.0, go to and download the version for your particular PC (32- or 64-bit). Once installed, click the "Check Again" button on the Install Requirements Test.

4.34 There is a known bug in Microsoft Word 2013 where converting to the newest Open XML file format (*.DOCX), resizes and repositions WordArt in a Working Draft.

Word 2013 represents graphics like WordArt differently to earlier versions. Because of this, WordArt objects are incorrectly resized when they are converted using the FILE > Convert feature in Word. See <> for more information.

4.35 You cannot use the Data Dialog in Word 2013 while viewing working drafts in reading view.

The Data Dialog will not launch if the option "Open email attachments and other protected files in reading view" is selected. Please see the following page for more about reading view:

4.36 Bullets and Numbering in Word 2007

If you are editing AIA documents, the bullets and numbering are not enabled in Word 2007.

4.37 Blocking RTF files and Word 2000 Binary Documents and Templates in your File Block Settings under your Office Trust Center.

If you block "RTF files" and "Word 2000 Binary Documents and Templates" in your File Block Settings under your Office Trust Center and attempt to create a draft or produce a final, this will result into errors such as "You are attempting to open a file type that is blocked by your File Block settings in the Trust Center" or "Command failed".

5. Contact information

You can contact the American Institute of Architects by phone and email, or visit us at

The American Institute of Architects

1735 New York Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20006-5292

Tel: 1-(800)-942-7732

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