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FREE BIM Protocol Exhibit

Written by practitioners from across the industry, the new E202–2008 BIM Protocol document is an easy-to-understand document that delivers what the industry needs -- a practical tool for using BIM across the project.

E202–2008 tackles head-on the following questions:

  • Who is responsible for each element of the model and to what level of development? 
  • What are authorized uses for the model? 
  • To what extent can users rely on the model? 
  • Who will manage the model? 
  • Who owns the model?

E202–2008 benefits users by specifying who is responsible for authoring each element of the model at each project phase, so no major design elements are missed or left unaddressed.

It also defines the extent to which downstream model users, such as contractors and fabricators, can use and rely on the model for scheduling, pricing, fabricating and construction.

By assigning management of the model to a specific party by project phase, there’s no confusion about who is managing the model at any time. It also clarifies who owns the model and who has the right to use it.

Allowing for easy modification to add or delete model elements and to revise the required levels of development on a project-by-project basis, it also establishes standards and file formats to promote interoperability across the project and provides common definitions for terms, to avoid confusion.

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Click here to download the Free BIM Protocol Exhibit!


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