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AIA Component Scholarship Program (formerly “AIA Component Matching Grant Program”)

Now Accepting Applications for the 2015 AIA Component Scholarship Program

NEW THIS YEAR – All applications for the 2015 AIA Component Scholarship must be submitted through the SlideRoom online portal.

    • April 15: Application Deadline

    • Week of May 4: Recipients Notified

    • Week of June 1: Funds Distributed

The new contact is Ming Hu, AIA, the new Director for Academic Engagement, at

Architects share an important responsibility in assuring the health, safety, and welfare of the communities they serve. The American Institute of Architects is committed to contributing to the preparation of graduates who will meet the current and future challenges in a swiftly evolving profession. The AIA believes that the investment to support the education of future professionals is a crucial part of its mission.

The AIA National Component desires to support local and state Components or their affiliated foundations in their efforts to provide and develop scholarship programs. Offering matching grants to augment existing Component programs will reinforce the significance of the AIA in the lives of architects, aspiring students, and their communities, and will stimulate interest in the formation of new scholarship programs.



Eligibility for Component Matching Funds

To be eligible for the grant:

    • a component must have given at least one scholarship of $500 or more in the previous year (2014)

    • a component must submit documentation of scholarships given per Required Documentation

    • scholarships must be awarded in at least $500 increments

    • scholarships must be expended within the year in which the award is made

    • scholarships must be used for tuition for a full-time student enrolled in a professional degree program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)

The maximum amount a single component may receive for the 2015 program is one thousand dollars ($1000).

Components with scholarship programs that have been in existence for three (3) plus years are eligible to request up to one thousand dollars ($1,000) in matching funds. Components applying for the first time are eligible to receive five hundred dollars ($500).

International components are eligible for matching funds and must offer scholarships to students in professional degree programs at universities in the United States.

Please note that the AIA reserves the right to modify matching funds limits from year to year in an effort to follow the scholarship fund management policies established by the AIA Board of Directors. These policies support the growth of a scholarship fund corpus that will have the ability to support this program for many years to come. As such, if demand for funding exceeds available funding in any given year, matching funds will be awarded on a proportional basis to components who submit an application by the deadline.

For more information, please email Ming Hu or Yvette Morris at


All applications for the 2015 AIA Component Scholarship must be submitted through the SlideRoom online portal.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2015


Acceptance of proposals for review does not commit the AIA to award funds, nor is it liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of the application.

  • The AIA reserves the right to grant funds to any number of applicants or to no applicant, and may reject any and all applications, or any part of an application.
  • Applications submitted must comply with all requirements cited in the guidelines. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from consideration.
  • Funds cannot be used to cover administration costs.


To elevate the significance of the AIA and bring wider recognition to AIA scholarship programs, scholarships must be presented as follows:

  • The award must be announced and publicized as a joint scholarship program between the local or state Component and the National Component in newsletters, website and press releases.
  • The award must be presented in person by representatives of the Component (and the National organization including regional representatives, if possible) at a public forum such as a university award presentation program, and/or a Component meeting or event.
  • A press release must be sent to the public affairs office at the university the scholarship recipient attends.
  • The Component website must list scholarship recipients, and, when possible, post recipients’ résumés or profiles, and photos.


For each grant received in 2015, components must submit a Scholarship Verification Report within 3 weeks of disbursement to students – but no later than December 2, 2015. The Scholarship Verification Report must include:

  • The name of the recipient(s)
  • The name and address of the accredited architecture school(s) the awardees(s) will be attending
  • The name and telephone number of the primary contact person at the school(s)
  • A copy of the cancelled check provided to the recipient(s) or the school(s) to which they are enrolled
  • A copy of any promotional materials (newsletters, newspaper articles, etc.) about the scholarship showing recognition of AIA grant

The Scholarship Verification Report must be submitted as a PDF document through the “Attachment” section in SlideRoom.


Questions about the program can be directed to:


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