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2013 a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship

    Mark Manczyk

    Case Study Response

As Managing Principal, first I would meet with the firm to address the immediate concerns of the firm's future. I would initiate a monthly meeting in which the marketing team and myself will articulate the firm's current and anticipated projects and recognize recent successes. At the initial meeting, I would explain my plan over the next two weeks to meet with each employee individually. These conversations are not meant to dissuade an employee who already plans to leave. Instead the discussions are to determine the employee's career goals and snow them how the firm's vision can fulfill their desires. Quarterly, the senior team leaders and myself will continue to meet with each in order to develop rapport, commend their work, and help them develop a personal identity and role within the firm. These discussions wlill show the employees how they are independently critical to the success of the firm. The employees will also be asked to submit their dissatisfactions within the firm such as: requiring support on tasks or reducing working hours. I would appoint a team to sort the requests and generate a strategy to address the issues.

Due to the recent economic improvement, I would meet with the accountants and marketing team at the firm to determine how best to invest back into the long-term benefits of the employees. 1 would converse with the Project Managers to determine if workloads have become too cumbersome and if workers have consequently become inefficient and need supplemental assistance. Together, we will review the firm's organization and implement any findings that add proficiency. For example, these results could prompt employees to become specialized rather than work if l small project groups with duplication of efforts across projects .If appropriate, our firm would recruit new employees or contract temporary services to meet new demands.


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