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AIA CES Discovery: Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Current System Information

Do you have questions or concerns about AIA CES Discovery?


Who do I contact if I need assistance with AIA CES Discovery?

The AIA has established a new support center for all questions and concerns regarding continuing education. The AIA Member Care Center offers support each weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EDT).

Telephone: 800-242-3837, then select option 3


Call volume tends to be heaviest between noon and 3 p.m. (EDT).

How do I retrieve my AIA user name and password to access AIA CES Discovery?

Points of contact for each AIA/CES provider have been given an AIA account.

When signing in to AIA CES Discovery, you will use your e-mail address (e.g., the address where you receive the Provider Connection newsletter).

If you do not know or cannot recall your password, you can reset it here.

I have noticed that some of my education programs have inaccuracies such as an incorrect course number. What can I do?

We ask for your assistance in ensuring the accuracy of AIA CES Discovery information. As you review your own courses in Discovery, please let us know if you find errors. Send your findings to

I have noticed that some of my education programs are missing when I search for them. What can I do?

There are approved courses in AIA CES Discovery that may be listed in member transcripts, but not displayed when you search for them. In order to be visible, a course must be marked “active.” An active course must have a session number and a course description associated with it.

AIA National will need to make your courses active for you. The requirement to provide a course description will be waived for courses approved prior to October 25, 2010; however, courses submitted after this date must now have a course description—including learning objectives.

Send information on missing or inactive courses to

I am not able to find some members in order to report credits. What should I do?

Please note that attendance cannot be reported on behalf of members if they have not viewed their transcripts. The transcript service would not be activated for them.

If you are not able to find a member in CES Discovery, it’s possible that the member is new, and the transcript service has not been activated. Please contact to activate the transcript.

Signing In

How do I sign in to AIA CES Discovery?

To sign in to AIA CES Discovery, you will use the same user name (your e-mail address) and password (self-selected) that is associated with your CES provider account.

Do not sign in with your CES provider number, as you did to enter the previous CES site.

Where is the sign in for AIA CES Discovery?

Providers can access AIA CES Discovery from several links on the AIA Web site.

Education Home Page,

In the “Information for Providers” section on the left sidebar, select the link for “AIA CES Discovery Sign-in.”

For CES Providers,

Look for the text link “Sign into Provider Menu.” This is the same link that was used to access the previous AIA/CES system.

Why do I have to click on so many Web pages before gaining access to AIA CES Discovery?

We understand the inconvenience of having to navigate through multiple Web pages before getting to AIA CES Discovery. However, we wanted to ensure that all components were aware they should no longer use their CES provider number to access the CES learning management system.

The intermediary Web page that explains the need to use an sign in is expected to be temporary.

You can bypass these additional pages by establishing a bookmark to AIA CES Discovery on your preferred Web browser.

Using AIA CES Discovery

Please review a series of step-by-step datasheets on how to accomplish some of the most frequent tasks on AIA CES Discovery.

How do I sign in?

To sign in to AIA CES Discovery, you will use the same user name (your e-mail address) and password (self-selected) that is associated with your CES provider account.

Do not sign in with your CES provider number, as you did to enter the previous CES site.

Download step-by-step instructions on how to sign in.

How do I report attendance?

You can add credit to a single member’s transcript or to the transcripts of many members.

Download step-by-step directions on how to submit attendance.

How do I register a course?

Download step-by-step directions on how to submit a course for approval.

Once you have submitted the information, click on the “Course Additional” tab on the submission menu, and change the status to “Ready for Approval Review.”

How do I know that I successfully submitted a course or attendance request?

AIA CES Discovery does not offer auto-reply notifications of submitted information.

However, you can confirm submission by selecting the “Course Additional” tab on the submission menu and checking the status.

Notifications on course submissions will also be found in the “Notifications” section of the AIA CES Discovery welcome page.

About AIA CES Discovery

What is AIA CES Discovery?

AIA CES Discovery is a Web-based, automated system for managing AIA members’ continuing education credits and transcripts. The AIA CES records management system is a single, Web-based point of contact for all CES needs, including the following:

    • On-demand access to transcripts and course offerings

    • More customized course- and provider-search functions

    • Ability to submit online course ratings

What will happen to AIA CES records at the AIA/CES Records Department?

The AIA/CES Records Department has processed all records received through October 24, 2010. AIA CES Discovery is handling all new data from October 25, 2010 on.

The AIA/CES Records Department also will continue to store all paper files for two years after the launch.

Is NCARB aware of AIA CES Discovery?

Yes. We’ve had significant discussions and meetings with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) to better meet our members’ needs.

The AIA had adequate time to ensure that all state licensing boards were fully briefed on the new system, particularly on the improvements in continuing education reporting.

All licensing boards have been assured that AIA member architects are fully prepared to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public wherever they practice.

Has the system factored in all the state licensing requirements and deadlines? Will the system support the printed reports that many states require?

Yes. AIA members have the same access to view and print their transcripts that they had through the previous system.

Members can print and submit paper copies of their transcripts to their state licensing boards.

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AIA CES Provider Manual (.pdf)

AIA CES Provider Manual

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How to Use the “View Member Attendance Report”
How to Register a New Course
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How to Sign In

Guidelines for Resubmitting a Course

How to Submit Attendance

Need Help?

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