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Course Reviewer’s Corner

By Michael F. Tamara, Assoc. AIA

Manager, Continuing Education Programs

Before You Select ‘Pending Admin Approval’

Hello, Providers! This month, I’d like to talk about the importance of proofreading and careful checking of course submissions before changing the status to Pending Admin Approval. More and more frequently, I encounter a scenario in which a Provider requests changes to a course submission that has not only already been submitted, but often even reviewed and approved. We certainly understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise from time to time, but once a course submission has been approved, it is assumed that the information contained within is permanent.

However, if you realize that an alteration is needed or wanted for whatever reason, please keep in mind that an entirely new submission must be entered if more than 25% of the course content has changed since the original submission, because it’s then considered a different course. The same holds true for a course title change.

If a credit designation upgrade is desired, the course needs to be entirely reviewed again, and may require more information in the learning objectives based on the new designation being requested. This obviously adds time and effort for the Provider and the reviewer that could have been avoided if the correct designation had been selected originally.

So, in order to avoid having to have a course reviewed twice, please proofread and check all course submissions carefully to ensure they’re exactly how you want them before you finally submit them.

Also, to reiterate a tip that already appears in this issue of Provider Connection, the amount of time you should allow for course review will increase from the usual five (5) business days to ten (10) business days during the month of December, due to the higher volume typically experienced at the end of the year. Please plan accordingly. The timeframe will return to normal in January.

Finally, I’d like to personally invite any of you who may be in the Washington, DC area on November 9th to a workshop we’re hosting called “Preparing for the Future: Upcoming Trends in Continuing Education”, at which I will be one of several featured speakers. For my part, will present information similar to what was included in my webinar back on August 18th, but in the broader context of developments in continuing education over the next year. To learn more about the whole presentation, as well as to sign up, click here. I look forward to meeting any of you who are able to attend!


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