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State Licensing Board MCE Interactive Map

By Aaron Neumann, Manager, CES Member Services

The CES Team recently launched the STATE MCE Interactive Map. It enables architects to easily view a concise overview of the mandatory continuing education (MCE) requirements needed to maintain licensure. The interactive component of the map has obvious benefits for those who are visual learners. Due to the level of variance in MCE requirements across the 46 jurisdictions that require MCE for licensure, viewing an overview of state MCE requirements in list form is often cumbersome. By referencing CES’s interactive map, architects can hone in on their individual MCE requirements; compare and take note fluidly across jurisdictions. The interactive map is a great resource for our AIA members, as most are licensed in 4 to 6 states and navigate multiple variations of MCE requirements and deadlines in order to maintain state licensure.

The interactive map can also be a very useful tool for AIA CES Providers. CES Providers now have greater accessibility to state licensing MCE requirements, in a format that is easy and fun to use. This map showcases the needs and demands of architects. As a provider, being aware of state MCE requirements and deadlines will enable you to better serve our members. For instance, the highest demand for courses often times occurs in the months prior to licensure deadlines. Streamlining course offerings and marketing initiatives with state licensure MCE requirements and deadlines is an effective method for reaching out to architects and AIA members. Each state is linked to the state licensing board website, for more detailed information on requirements.

If you are CES provider who offers only 2 to 3 face-to- face seminars per year, timing these seminars around state licensure deadlines and renewal cycles will increase course attendance volume. If you are a Passport provider who offers online courses, strategic marketing and communications pinpointed around state licensure deadlines and renewal cycles can be an effective way to advertise your courses and reach out to AIA members and architects. We hope that you will find other valuable uses for the interactive map. It is there as a resource for architects and CES providers alike! Please visit the interactive map here.


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