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Regional/Community Design and Connectivity

Sustainable design values the unique cultural and natural character of a given region.

Regional/Community Design and Connectivity address:

  • How the design relates to the local context and to larger regional issues
  • How the design promotes regional and community connectivity and sense of place, public space and community interaction
  • Transportation policies, incentives, and other efforts to provide for those using transportation alternatives
  • Site selection criteria to reduce automobile use
  • How mandated parking was reduced

TOPICS (# on 50to50)

  • (3) Alternative Transportation
  • (4) Appropriate Size and Growth
  • (31) Open, Active Daylit Spaces
  • (32) Passive Solar Collection Opportunities
  • (34) Preservation/Reuse of Existing Facilities
  • (36) Renewable Energy Resources
  • (46) Vegetation for Sun Control
  • (47) Walkable Communities
  • (49) Water Conservation
  • (50) Windows and Openings

Other appropriate topics include:

  •  Zoning, regulatory, codes

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