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May 31, 2011 - IN THIS ISSUE


This month’s survey is very similar to February’s. We are reposting it because the information is important for how we deliver our training. Please fill out Your Training Program and Needs.

AIA CES Discovery

Dear AIA/CES Providers:

For many AIA staff the AIA National Convention acted as divide between the first part of the professional year, and the rest of the professional year as equal in importance to the day a budget is due, and the day after budget reports are submitted. Before January 1, 2011 through the last day of the Convention, AIA/CES staff focused on how and what to present to providers. Also, we focused on how staff would ensure that members received exceptional customer service at the convention.

However, it’s time to embark on the second half of the year, and to focus on what will be of importance within 2012. Of primary importance is distribution of information that providers find useful. Please download the Call for Presentations for the AIA 2012 National Convention in Washington DC. We encourage providers to apply as the National Convention provides great exposure to the convention presenters. Also, our focus for the remainder of the year is on helping members meet their state licensing and membership requirements.

It’s time to familiarize yourself with the content of CALGreen and the International Green Construction Code. Many design industry professionals will need education in the content and implementation of these new codes, and they will look to providers to offer key educational opportunities. I interviewed William J. Worthen, AIA, LEED AP, Director Resource Architect for Sustainability about what providers need to know in order to be prepared for the dramatic shift in the design profession.

As always if you have any questions, please contact AIA Member Care CES staff at 800-242-3837 option 3 or email


Maria Sigillito
Manager, CES


Primary and Secondary POCs

Provider points of contact (POCs) are responsible for carrying out the AIA/CES administrative responsibilities within your organization. E-mail is our primary means of contact at AIA/CES, and it is important to designate at least two AIA/CES POCs in your organization. These people must be familiar with our system and involved with administering the courses and reporting the participant credits. The primary POC is generally the manager of the provider’s account and will receive all e-mail messages related to annual provider renewal, provider assessments or other administrative matters.

Learn more

CES Provider Webinars

Last fall, we offered a webinar series during the time of the CES Discovery launch. As we continue to make adjustments and enhancements to the system, we encourage you to participate in one of the webinars listed on the Upcoming Provider Events page for new information. There are two webinars being held a month, one for AIA Components and one for AIA Providers. These are meant to be informal, so please come with any questions about the system you might have. For more information, please visit the Upcoming Provider Events page.

Also, we would appreciate your continued feedback about your training program and needs. If you haven’t filled out the survey at the top of this newsletter, please fill it out

Next AIA/CES Tweetchat

Join AIA Continuing Education on Twitter on June 9th, 2011 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET for a live Twitter chat #aiaces. For more information about the chat topics, and how to join a chat please visit

IGCC Interview – Be Prepared for High-Performace Buildings

Bill Worthen, AIA, LEED AP, Resource Architect for Sustainability and Maria Sigillito met to discuss the potential and assumed changes in practice for architects as a result of the implementation of high-performance building codes. In the not too-distant future many design professionals may find themselves asking, Why me and why now?! What they will be responding to is the adoption of CALGreen earlier this year, and the adoption of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) in 2012. The implementation of these high-performance, green building codes changes the best-practices approach of green design from an aspirational approach to sustainable design towards making high-performance building standard practice and code minimum design.

Learn more

Media Scan

Sustainable AIA: 2031—IGCC Education Opportunities

What You Need to Know About the IgCC

Ready or Not: A new green code is about to change the way we build

AIA Podcast
Citizen Architect on the Move: Chris Green, AIA


CES Discovery Enhancements

Be Prepared in June and July.

The CES/Discovery system will be down June 3-6 for maintenance. Please plan accordingly.

Also, July 11th we will be implementing another set of updates to CES Discovery, which will include formatting the Course Basics and Course Additional screens after your courses are approved so they can’t be changed. This complies with our CES policy on approved courses.

Health Safety Welfare

AIA members and other architects licensed in many states with mandatory continuing education (MCE) requirements for license renewal are required to complete a minimum number of hours of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW)-related training. AIA members are required to take eight learning unit (LU) hours of continuing education per year in approved HSW topics. Because many architects are required to take HSW courses and these courses are in high demand by both AIA members and architects licensed in states with MCE requirements in HSW, providers are encouraged to offer HSW education.

Changes in the profession in regards to HSW may occur over the next couple months. As noted on NCARB’s website, This June, the NCARB Board of Directors plans to present a revision to the standard related to continuing education in its Model Regulations for the registration boards to review and vote on at its Annual Meeting. NCARB hopes that the revisions will lead to greater standardization and acceptance among those jurisdictions that require some form of continuing education for license renewal in order to make the renewal process simpler for all architects.

Any changes in the HSW definition will be posted to, and will be included in the CES Provider Connection. Check back for updates.

March/April and May Surveys

Thank you to all Providers who participated in the CES Provider Connection March and April 2011 surveys about what you would like posted inside the CES Provider Connection. We seriously consider your feedback, and as a result you may see changes that address your concerns.

We ask that you complete the new survey, which is very similar to the February 2011 survey. The final result with your help is expected to be compiled at the end of a few months and will be included in a future CES Provider Connection. We would strongly encourage you to participate!

To complete the survey please go to:

Thank you for your time and valuable input.


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