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Quality Education Courses for AIA Members

Without doubt, continuing education programs are growing in popularity as those often required to maintain licensure, must also maintain a number of continuing education credits. With the growing number of Providers who join the AIA/CES system, demonstrable markers of quality are more important than ever for AIA members looking to make the best educational investment.

Here are some suggestions that can assist Providers in ensuring that they are developing quality courses.

Read the CES Provider Manual – All Providers are responsible for knowing the material in the CES Provider Manual. It includes guidelines, policies, and instructions for registering and reporting courses. Making sure all activities follow these guidelines can help a Provider avoid complaints as well as improve their CES courses and activities.

Submits Accurate Paperwork – Learn how to correctly complete the CES documents. Many problems that generate an audit are based on simply incorrect paperwork. CES Discovery handles thousands of courses a year. Documents must be timely, complete, accurate, and legible in order for the courses and credits to be processed correctly.

Avoid the top “Quality Red Flags” – As a first self-check, Providers should confirm that they comply with these top guideline violations. Clarification and instructions for these items are in the CES Provider Manual.

    Product endorsement (demonstrations or sales presentations) offering CES credit

    Company or product identification during the credit portion of a course session

    Unregistered or incorrectly registered courses

    Failure to report member attendance or issue certificates to non-members

    HSW/Sustainable Design misuse

    Misrepresentation of Learning Units to be awarded

    False or misleading advertisements

    Policy and procedure inquiries from other than the Point of Contact

    Failure to get presenters to sign Speaker Agreement.

    Failure to use course evaluations.

    Allowing non-providers to use your provider account.

    The AIA/CES System has a quality assurance/ audit process used primarily to work with Providers to help them establish and maintain quality educational content. Our goal is to eventually audit all of our Providers to establish a benchmark for ongoing continuing education courses. However, Providers may be audited as a result of a complaint that could have been avoided if the Provider had simply followed the AIA/CES procedures. Please visit our website.


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