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Guidelines for Resubmitting a Course

Dear AIA Continuing Education Provider,

If you will be resubmitting or updating a course/s in response to the September 30th course deactivation notice, there is clarification to the process for locating and resubmitting old courses.

To ensure that your courses do not get deactivated, please do the following:

    -Login to the Discovery homepage
    -Click ‘Admin Menu’ in the upper right
    -Click the ‘Courses’ tab in the red bar
    -In the Delivery Provider menu, make sure the name of your organization is selected
    -Click ‘Search’ in the bottom right. This will generate your provider course list. The activation year for each course is listed in the “Status Date” column on the right. If you no longer teach the course, no action is required – the course will be deactivated in September.

For any courses with an activation year of 2006 or earlier, which you will continue to teach, please do the following:

      Click on the course title

      Check the "Course Basics" and "Course Additional" tabs on the left to see whether a Course Description and Learning Objectives were entered.

If the Course Description and Learning Objectives were entered,
please do the following:

      1) Click the “Approval Status” tab on the left.

      2) Change the Approval Status menu from "Approved" to "Suspended" and click Save.

      3) Change the Approval Status menu from "Suspended" to "Pending Admin Approval" and click Save.

      4) Change the Approval Status menu from "Pending Admin Approval" to "Draft Submission" and click Save.

      5) Make any necessary edits (such as updating the Course Description or Learning Objectives).

      6) Change the Approval Status menu back to "Pending Admin Approval" and click Save. 

If the Course Description and/or Learning Objectives were not entered, please submit a new course, using these step by step instructions.

All Courses are reviewed by AIA/CES within 5 business days and you will receive an e-mail notification upon approval. You will also receive an email notification letting you know if your course requires more information or if it was denied that includes the reasons why and instructions on how to edit and resubmit your course. This information will also be available in the Comment section box in the Approval Status tab.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-242-3837, option 3. Or, you can email us at


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