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August 30, 2011 - IN THIS ISSUE


Provider Spotlight!

Dunlap & Partners Engineers

While we were looking at creative ways to market our firm we kept coming back to the phrase, "What If", we do this or "What If", we do that. That is when we decided to utilize the idiom, "What If" in our marketing campaign and explore the possibilities of, "What If" within our firm and with our clients. With a strong, progressive and creative leadership team in place, this allowed us to forge ahead and discover just that..."What If”...

We began our campaign of "What If" with postcards sent to our partners, clients and industry peers, periodically throughout the first year highlighting important information regarding "Green Design." In 2009 we began to incorporate seminars with expert speakers on subjects related to "Green Design" such as Rainwater Harvesting, Solar Energy and Green Roofs. These seminars, which are provided free of charge and include lunch, target our clients, teammates and anyone else interested in our Green Design topics. Our next step in providing information to our clients was to become a provider through AIA (American Institute of Architects) in order to provide CEU's (Continuing Education Units) to the attendees of the seminars. Our goal for later this year is to become a provider for USGBC (United States Green Building Council) so we may offer not only CEU's through AIA but also learning units through USGBC.

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Dunlap and Partners Engineers is a Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering design firm. We also provide building commissioning services and have on staff twelve (12) LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified High Performance Building Design Professionals, Certified Healthcare Facility Design Professionals, Certified Commissioned Process Management Professionals, Energy Auditing and Energy Modeling Professionals.

For more information please visit our website at or contact Debbie Reading at

We will be featuring a column devoted to a different Provider each month. We are looking for someone with a story or secret to share regarding course development, marketing, etc.

Providers, share your story with us on our blog and you could be featured in our next issue!


Letter From the Editor

Dear AIA/CES Provider,

As we move into September, I would like to introduce myself as the new editor of the Provider Connection newsletter and share with you some additional opportunities for your organization or company to engage with the AIA Continuing Education team. While my primary role with the CES team is to review course content of AIA/CES self-reports to ensure educational and subject matter quality, I will be stepping in as the main communications representative for the CES team. Recently completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, I have also worked for non-profit, Charlottesville Tomorrow, writing stories on land use and community design for the Daily Progress and Charlottesville Tomorrow blog. In addition, I helped create a 3-D digital model of Charlottesville City and Albemarle County in Google Earth in order to help the community better understand the built environment.

As always, in this edition of Provider Connection, you will find resources and guidance for administering quality education programs to AIA members. While Provider Connection is a good way for the CES team to communicate with you, we need your questions and feedback in order to improve AIA/CES for everyone. We understand an open dialogue is key in maintaining valuable programs for both providers and members.

In addition to putting together the monthly Provider Connection newsletter, I am also responsible for managing the Continuing Education team’s social media outlets. As the use of social media is becoming more prevalent and mainstream, the AIA/CES team recognizes social media as an accessible tool for allowing providers, members, and the CES team to create a conversation about the benefits of continuing education. We encourage you to explore our blog or follow our twitter page to keep up with the CES team regularly. As CES providers, you are advocates for education, and we hope you will connect with us to share your questions, concerns, and expectations for the Continuing Education System.


Jean Feroldi
Specialist, Continuing Education Review


New Invoicing Process and 2012 Fees

Invoices will be sent out mid-September to AIA/CES Providers and must be paid by December 31, 2011. Providers can pay invoices online on September 15, 2011 by following this link or sent to the lockbox address:

AIA CES Provider Renewal
P.O. Box 62652
Baltimore, MD 21264-2652

A list of 2012 Subscription Fees and Provider category descriptions can be found here.

Members Needs Assessment Results

Have you, as a Provider, ever asked yourself any of these questions:

    • Which content areas should I focus on in the future?

    • What will meet member needs and result in the greatest acceptance?

    • What elements should I consider to ensure our offerings are satisfactory and help members learn?

    • How important are continuing education offerings to membership in AIA? How does AIA continuing education requirements compare with state licensure requirements?

To learn more, REGISTER for the webinar hosted on October 11, 2011.

Check Out Our Upcoming Fall CES Training Schedule!

With the recent enhancements and changes that have been made to CES Discovery, you are strongly encouraged to attend one of the monthly training webinars we are offering. There are two webinar series scheduled per month; one specifically for AIA Components and one for AIA Providers. Please pay attention to which webinar category you sign up for because they are intended for different audiences. Each webinar will feature a one- hour live demonstration conducted by Sara Thomas, Manager of CES Training. These webinars have been scheduled through November so please REGISTER TODAY!

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Quality Education Courses for AIA Members

Without doubt, continuing education programs are growing in popularity as those often required to maintain licensure must also maintain a number of continuing education credits. With the growing number of Providers who join the AIA/CES system, demonstrable markers of quality are more important than ever for AIA members looking to make the best educational investment.

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Quality Assurance Handout

Providers, take a look at this sample handout to review the processes and format for a standard supplement for AIA/CES courses. The handout can be used for learning events without PowerPoints such as tours, roundtables, keynotes, etc.

Media Scan

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Architect Magazine
EPA to Partner with Five State Capitals on Green Development

Social Media Can Help Small Firms Reap Big Benefits

Chief Learning Officer
Education for Business' Sake


Course Reviewer’s Corner

By Michael Tamara, Assoc. AIA

The Importance of Key Words

Greetings from the Course Reviewer’s Corner! I first want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended the webinar In the Mind of the Reviewer: What CES Looks for in a Course Submission, which was held on August 18th. The response was tremendous, and there have been dozens of questions raised as a result, which is a very good thing. For those of you who missed it or would simply like to review it again, a link will be posted to the CES website soon.

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Monthly Provider Reminders

• Be sure all courses ready to be reviewed have been moved to Pending Admin Approval status. As a precaution, it is good to periodically check Draft Submission status to ensure there are no lingering completed submissions that may have inadvertently been overlooked.

•Courses 5 years and older will be deactivated on September 30, 2011. If you will be resubmitting or updating a course/s, please review these tips and guidelines.



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