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October 25, 2011 - IN THIS ISSUE


Provider Spotlight!

Marshall Craft Associates, Inc.

When a firm takes the initiative to provide internal continuing education programs, both the company and employees benefit from the cooperative approach to learning. A firm builds a strong learning network where peers can collaborate and freely discuss current industry topics, while ensuring architects maintain licensure and AIA memberships. In addition, firms can establish a knowledge base among staff, educating employees about topics specific to the firm’s practices. Employees benefit by saving on cost, travel time, and effort in finding continuing education programs to fulfill licensure requirements and recognize new issues and resources in the field of architecture.

Thomas J. Carlson, AIA, Coordinator of Education and Training for the firm Marshall Craft Associates, Inc. (MCA), shared with AIA Continuing Education the features and benefits of promoting and implementing an in-house education system. Winners of the AIA/CES Award for Excellence in 2007 and 2009, Marshall Craft Associates of Baltimore, MD has supported an internal education system for 15 years and works to create a synergistic knowledge resource. Staff members are an integral part of the development and strategy of the continuing education program. Learn More

We will be featuring a column devoted to AIA/CES Providers each month. We are looking for Providers with a story or secret to share regarding course development, marketing, etc.

Providers, share your story with us on our blog and you could be featured in our next issue!

NEW Course Import Template for CES Discovery

Fall has officially arrived and with its arrival comes many fall conferences, conventions, and multi-session workshops. If you plan on offering any of these types of events for continuing education credit, there is a new Course Import Template that can be used to bulk upload the courses into CES Discovery at one time for approval. This template is recommended to import 20 or more courses into the system. This method will save you time from submitting each course individually into the system. A blank copy of the Course Import Template can be found in the resources section after logging in to CES Discovery along with step-by-step instructions on how to use this form. 

    • The Course Import template is only recommended for use when submitting 20-50 courses at a time. If more than 50 courses are bulk uploaded at once, it could cause a server time-out.

    • Each field of the template must be filled out correctly in order for the information to be uploaded successfully. Please make sure all lines are correctly formatted before it is submitted, or it will yield errors.

    Please do not copy and paste row values from another Excel sheet. Any hidden columns will be overwritten by incorrect values and the test will fail while uploading. Please copy cell-by-cell or column wise.

    • If your upload does result in errors, you as the Provider are responsible for correcting the issues, NOT AIA/CES.

    • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the primary point of contact on the account once the courses have been approved.

Full step-by-step instructions on submitting courses using the Course Import Template can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact


AIA/CES Provider Workshop – Special Edition, Washington, DC

The CES Team would like to cordially invite you to the nation’s capital on November 9 for a special edition workshop: Preparing for the Future: Upcoming Trends in Continuing Education. As we start to wind down 2011 and focus on 2012, this workshop will provide you with the information you need to know to ensure your continuing education courses are a success in the new year. We will share results of a recent member needs assessment survey which unveils what types of continuing education courses they are currently seeking. We will also cover upcoming trends, changes in Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW), IGCC, and insights on the evolving building community. Guest speakers include representatives from the AIA, AIA Education Committee, NCARB, NIBS, and Rockbridge Associates. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the AIA National Headquarter office as well as meet your CES Staff Representatives.


Quality Assurance with AIA/CES Programs

In an on-going effort to achieve continuous excellence, the AIA/Continuing Education System (CES) has implemented stronger Approved Provider Quality Assurance measures to uphold the highest standards of education for the individuals we serve. 

AIA/CES Quality Assurance is a critical component of our commitment to provide quality continuing education and insures our collective credibility with State Licensing Boards and architects. In a larger context, the quality of AIA/CES courses is key in keeping it at the forefront of the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) requirements of State Registration Boards, provinces of Canada, Puerto Rico, and 16 countries internationally. This commitment and CES’ credibility is reinforced and informed by AIA’s frequent interaction with representatives of the National Council of Registration Boards to collaboratively develop and monitor the integrity and quality of programming offered by all approved Providers.

Learn More

Upcoming State Licensure Deadlines

13 States have upcoming State Licensure Deadlines. Architects licensed in these states may need to fulfill final MCE requirements in order to renew State Licensure. This is an advantageous opportunity for Continuing Education Providers to promote courses that will allow architects licensed in these states to quickly fulfill these requirements. Please refer to the list of states and their MCE requirements.

Member Needs Assessment Results Webinar

AIA/CES offered a webinar in October presenting research findings from a study conducted by Rockbridge Associates on AIA member preferences and interests regarding continuing education courses and programs. Specific goals from the research included evaluation of content areas providers should focus on in the future, technology-based formats AIA members seek, and assessment of the importance of continuing education offerings to membership in AIA, among other topics.

Click here to view the recorded webinar from October 11, 2011.

Click here for complete presentation and findings.

Media Scan

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Chief Learning Officer
Building Capability

The Atlantic Cities
Buffalo's Decrepit Train Station Becomes the City's Newest Classroom


Course Reviewer’s Corner

By Michael Tamara, Assoc. AIA

Before You Select ‘Pending Admin Approval’

Hello, Providers! This month, I’d like to talk about the importance of proofreading and careful checking of course submissions before changing the status to Pending Admin Approval. More and more frequently, I encounter a scenario in which a Provider requests changes to a course submission that has not only already been submitted, but often even reviewed and approved. We certainly understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise from time to time, but once a course submission has been approved, it is assumed that the information contained within is permanent.

However, if you realize that an alteration is needed or wanted for whatever reason, please keep in mind that an entirely new submission must be entered if more than 25% of the course content has changed since the original submission, because it’s then considered a different course. The same holds true for a course title change. Learn More

Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

• Due to the anticipated higher volume of course submissions at the end of the year, course review time will be increased to ten (10) business days for every course submitted during the month of December, and will return to the normal five (5) business days in January. In order to avoid prolonged review time, Providers are advised to submit courses in October and November whenever possible.

• Calling all Providers! Have you changed your address or continuing education primary point of contact within the last year? If so, please call our member services department to update your information. This update takes minutes and we appreciate your help! Contact (800)242-3837, option 3 or email us at

• The AIA Continuing Education team is in the process of deactivating courses that are 5 years and older effective October 31st. Please read the following instructions on how to run the Course Deactivation Report in Discovery. This report will generate a list of your courses that are eligible for deactivation.

•Have you read your Provider Manual and AIA/CES Provider Policies?


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