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The Importance of Being a Primary and Secondary Point of Contact

Point of Contact, Secondary Point of Contact, Users/Speakers Rights and Responsibilities

Continuing Education Services at the American Institute of Architects continually strives to offer comprehensive, professional and quality support to our over 2000 providers. Verifying that your primary and secondary points of contact (POC) are up-to-date in our database, and that your delegation of POC follows our guidelines, is a simple, yet essential procedure to increase the AIA’s ability to better serve you. Some Providers currently have multiple employees designated as primary and secondary POC; this obfuscates our ability to know who to contact regarding important CES matters. Delegating only one primary and one secondary POC is mandatory because it guarantees greater efficiency and service from AIA/CES.

The Primary Point of Contact has exclusive rights and responsibilities to:

    Edit the Provider profile

    Receive and pay annual invoice online

    Manage user accounts (add and delete Secondary POC and users, contact information, etc.)

    Ensure that the responsibilities and job functions of the POC are appropriately and effectively handed off in the event of a replacement or personnel change

Primary and Secondary POC have the rights and responsibilities to:

    Access the CES Provider Manual, certificate template, and tools and resources

    Call or email CES Call Center

    Manage and implement quality assurance measures

    Advertise a course

    View and report course attendance

    Maintain registration and reporting forms on file for a minimum of six (6) years

    Download CES logo

    View your Discovery reports

Users/speakers have the rights and responsibilities to:

    Teach courses

    Update their personal profile

    View your Discovery reports

    View and report course attendance

    Sign speaker agreement (mandatory for speakers only)

    Comply with QA measures for presentations (include QA slides, provider numbers, course number)

    Issue certificates

    Send copies of files to the POC for record keeping

    Deliver the course, as approved by AIA/CES, without endorsement, bias, or marketing or sales orientation

    Ensure that company logos, product name, and branding are limited to the first and last slides of any presentation and to the CES quality assurance copyright slide

    Ensure that any information and handouts distributed reinforce the learning objectives

    Confine product and proprietary specific questions for discussion to either before or after the course has concluded

    Deliver the course as it relates to the learning objectives

    Strive to make presentation and materials as accurate, appropriate, and interesting as possible

    Ensure that the quality assurance slides are included and reviewed with participants during all PowerPoint presentations. If the class is not a

    PowerPoint-based course, slides must still be reviewed with participants verbally

If you currently have multiple primary and/or secondary POC’s, please update your account via Manage CES Provider Subscription Users. The primary POC can add one secondary POC and add only up to 10 additional users to the account. Those additional users have the same rights and access to CES Discovery software as the POC, but they do not receive official AIA Approved Provider communications. Furthermore, we understand that primary and secondary POC’s often change. The person serving as the POC may leave your company, or another employee may assume the responsibilities of the POC. If this occurs, please update your account. It ensures that our records are up- to-date and notifies us of potential transitional procedures that may need to happen when a new POC is added, such as creating new passwords and setting up account access. (Please note that the CES Discovery Homepage is password protected, based on the email address the user has registered with AIA CES and a user created password. If you are a point of contact for your provider number (POC or user), you have access to the online CES Discovery Homepage for your organization.)

Provider point of contact is responsible for carrying out the AIA/CES administrative responsibilities within your organization. POC acts as a liaison between AIA/CES National and the Provider Organization and are the first line of communication for the Provider’s representatives and must be aware of, and address questions and concerns that arise from their organization’s representatives. The primary POC is the manager of the Provider’s account and will receive all e-mail messages related to annual Provider renewal, Provider assessments or other administrative matters. Moreover, CES support via 800-242-3837 option 3 and are resources available to Primary and Secondary POCs exclusively. We greatly value all the hard work that POC’s do, and appreciate your help in ensuring that our records are as up-to-date as possible so that AIA/CES can continue to strengthen the services we offer our Providers.


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