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December 15, 2011 –




2012 Changes to Health, Safety, and Welfare Education Requirements

On December 9, the AIA Board of Directors voted to modify the AIA’s calendar year continuing education requirement. Per year, AIA members will be required to complete 12 hours of health, safety, and welfare (HSW) education, an increase from the previous requirement of 8 HSW. The AIA Board will re-evaluate the sustainable design (SD) requirement in 2012. The new HSW requirement goes into effect in January 2012 and AIA members should fulfill their total 18 hours of continuing education during the calendar year.

Increasing the HSW requirement per year sets a higher standard for AIA members and will enable them to fulfill state licensing requirements for most states. Additionally, increasing the required number of HSW credits will raise the level and quality of our continuing education and professional development of architects.

Additional information and list of topics on health, safety, and welfare (HSW).

Additionally, in calendar year 2012, aligning closer with state licensing boards’ practice, AIA members will no longer be able to self-report HSW courses for credit. Members will need to complete HSW credits by taking qualifying courses from registered AIA CES Providers and Providers will need to report HSW courses for members to receive HSW credits. Members can continue to self-report learning unit (LU) credit hours for non-provider courses and programs.

In the past, AIA members were able to attend courses outside of the AIA CES Provider network and submit a self-report online to be reviewed for HSW or SD credit. AIA CES is implementing this new HSW and SD credit policy to ensure quality education and establish an educational standard for the courses that AIA members attend.


Register for 2012 Training Workshops!

As we prepare for the New Year we would like to invite you to participate in any of our five workshops scheduled for 2012! Be part of an audience-centered, informal and dialogue-friendly workshop experience for CES Approved Providers. These workshops will cover an overview of CES policies and procedures, CES Discovery Training, tips for developing learning objectives and effective PowerPoints so you can design your courses properly in the context of the CES policy, Quality Assurance, and much more! Each workshop will feature a guest speaker who will discuss current trends in continuing education, how to effectively market approved courses, and/or how to partner with AIA Components and Providers.

Register for February 22 Workshop in LA!

How to Use the Course Management Button to Verify Attendance

After submitting attendance for a course, you may want a comprehensive overview of the members who have attended a particular session to verify course attendance has been submitted correctly. While the “View Member Attendance” report will provide this information, it often can be tricky to run successfully. The Course Management button provides an expedited and effective approach to managing course attendance, allowing you to confirm numerous courses in a matter of minutes.

Learn More

Discovering the Strengths of Blended Learning

When designing a course for adult learners, an instructor may consider a number of different delivery methods to best meet the challenges and circumstances of their audience. One approach to education which appeals to a wider range of learning styles is to use a method which integrates both face-to-face instruction and online or digital learning platforms. “Blended learning” is primarily recognized as a comprehensive method of education integrating traditional classroom and technology-based training as a more inclusive approach to education. Yet, blended learning can also be observed in a broader sense as embracing both formal and informal frameworks for instruction to allow flexibility and accessibility to education for the adult learner.

Learn More

Preparing for the Future Workshop- Materials and Resources

The materials from this workshop cover an overview of upcoming trends and recent changes in continuing education specifically focusing on the NCARB Model Law, Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) topic areas, Sustainable Design (SD), results of the recent member needs assessment, an overview of the importance of knowing and understanding the International Green Construction Code (IGCC), and more! Discover what you as a Provider need to know based on recent changes and assessment results and how you can successfully develop and market your courses to AIA members in 2012.

Learn More


AIA CES Loses a Star!

After almost 6 years with the AIA, Sara Thomas will be leaving the CES team to accept a position with another company in what promises to be a unique opportunity for her. During her time with CES, Sara was responsible for the management, recruitment, marketing and training of all AIA/CES approved Providers. She designed and delivered face-to-face and online programs on CES Discovery, marketing continuing education courses, creating learning objectives and sustainable design. Sara developed and maintained many training resources for the CES team in addition to offering support and customer service to AIA/CES Providers. AIA has enjoyed her contributions both professionally and personally, and she will be missed immensely. AIA CES wishes Sara the best of luck in her career and we know she will do well.

Please direct any future questions or comments to AIA Member Care CES.

Component Call for Speakers

AIA Chapters interested in finding speakers or sponsors for upcoming conferences or events can use this space to post conference information.

AIA Western Mountain Region & Northwest Pacific Region
Transformation 2012 Joint Conference
October 10-13, 2012
Tucson, AZ
Call for Presentations
Submission Date: December 16, 2011, 5 p.m.
Contact Tina Litteral, Hon. AIA, CAE,

Please email to add your 2011 events to this list and include AIA Chapter Speakers and Sponsors in the Subject line. 

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