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April 24, 2012 –


1. Provider Spotlight!

2. Virtual Convention

3. Quick Tips for Creating an Effective AIA CES Presentation

4. Provider Training Resources

5. Course Reviewer's Corner - The Resources Page: A Provider's Best Friend

6. Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

7. Component Call for Speakers

8. Media Scan


Provider Spotlight!

PSMJ Resources, Inc.

By Jean Feroldi, Assoc. AIA

When architects look for resources and learning opportunities, AIA CES Providers have a greater advantage in gaining recognition amongst the profession and fulfilling AIA member needs. As an AIA Provider, developing content and organizing courses that will appeal to AIA member’s interests is important in growing your programs and making them effective. Incorporating survey results and implementing new research into the course development process to improve content or instructional design will give you an edge in maintaining quality continuing education programs for architects.

Headquartered in Newton Massachusetts, PSMJ Resources is dedicated to providing architects with guidance and expertise on firm management through a variety of seminars, materials, and other tools. Their content is developed by conducting research on emerging industry topics and methods in addition to selecting knowledgeable and engaging instructors. Michael Ford of PSMJ Resources gave AIA CES detailed insight into PSMJ Resources’ approach to developing continuing education resources and programs for architects. Their contribution to AIA CES is helping us achieve our mission in providing quality education for AIA members and the architectural profession.

In what ways does PSMJ Resources contribute to continuing education and the AIA CES Provider network?

PSMJ runs many seminars a year throughout the United States, just for A/E professionals. We provide live seminars, webinars, and, just recently introduced an online learning portal where AIA members can earn credits right at their desks. We produce 3 monthly newsletters, 2 of which provide 1 LU credit per month. We also conduct a yearly tradeshow, METALCON International, which provides two days of live seminars for professionals to learn how to incorporate metal into the design, build, construction and roofing process. Attendees also learn about Green Building and are able to earn HSW and Sustainability credits.

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AIA has been developing content to help AIA members better understand emerging trends and codes. With new IgCC and ADA codes, AIA members are in high demand for courses that feature this content. Virtual Convention combines the most popular aspects of the live convention - education and exhibit booths - and makes them accessible in a convenient, online environment. AIA CES Providers can view Virtual Convention course content for free to understand how this information is beneficial to AIA members’ needs. In addition, Virtual Convention is best practice for Providers to view how distance education is provided by AIA National. AIA CES encourages Providers to use Virtual Convention courses as a resource when developing and promoting their own courses on IgCC, ADA, and other topics.

Featured Courses

What is the International Green Construction Code?

New ADA Regulations: What are the Impacts and How to Comply

The 50% Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small to Medium Office Buildings

BIM for Residential Architecture? A Small Firm Primer


Quick Tips for Creating an Effective AIA CES Presentation

By Jennifer Poole, LEED Green Associate

As an AIA CES Provider, you are responsible for ensuring current and high-quality education reaches AIA members. But practically speaking, you may be responsible for creating these kinds of educational programs at high volumes, or with competing deadlines. So how can a provider maintain a track-record of high quality presentation, while still being in efficient in developing educational programs? Finding a solid structure for your presentation can enable you to develop clear and efficient presentations that keep your audience’s attention. 

What do I mean when I say structure? A good presentation always has a beginning, middle, and an end. It has a flow that makes sense given the content, and gives the audience hints at when the presentation is going to ebb and flow with the information.

With that, here are a couple of quick tips to ensure your next presentation stays on track:

    1. Establish the beginning of your presentation with AIA CES Mandatory slides, including a specific, detailed course description and learning objectives. Remember, once the presentation begins your presentation should have no logos present until the end of the program.

    2. Use your learning objectives as a guide for your presentation. Developing learning objectives before you create your presentation is important, as they can be used as a roadmap for your presentation. Consider using learning objectives to create blocks of content in your agenda as well as your presentation slides.

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Member Needs Assessment as a Marketing Resource

By Aaron Neumann

This article continues a series of articles that focus on guiding CES providers through the charts and statistics of the Member Needs Assessment in order to get the most out of the research within. AIA commissioned the survey to investigate the needs and preferences of AIA members on a number of topics surrounding continuing education: course content, technology, educational format, etc. These articles will consider the research from a marketing perspective, and guide providers towards practical ways of applying the research to marketing initiatives and course development. By focusing on one architect demographic at a time (Emerging Professional, Associate Member, Experienced Architect, etc.), these articles should help CES providers customize their course content and format to a broader or more specific demographic, depending on the specific goals of the CES provider. I hope these articles serve as a stepping stone by which providers further investigate the survey for their own purposes. 

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Media Scan


Architecture's Afterlife

The Atlantic Cities
A National Mall People Actually Want To Visit

The Rapid E-Learning Blog
Do You Have the Skills to Succeed?

Chief Learning Officer
Seven Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Learning Organization


Course Reviewer’s Corner

By Michael F. Tamara, Assoc. AIA

The Resources Page: A Provider’s Best Friend

Have you reviewed the CES Discovery Resources page lately? If not, we highly recommend it, since it contains a comprehensive list of tools you will need throughout the processes of submitting courses and recording attendance. Simply click on “Resources” at the far right of the red menu bar on the Discovery home page. Here are some highlights of what you’ll find there:

    Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll find any standard Discovery-related questions located here.

    Step-by-step tutorials. These tutorials contain detailed, illustrated instructions on how to submit courses and how to submit course attendance, using the various methods available.

    Sign-in Sheet Template. This template can be used as a sign-in sheet for attendees completing your CES courses. Its purpose is to aid you in reporting attendance, and is for your records only.

Learn More

Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

•Updated AIA CES templates can be found in the Resources section of CES Discovery. New Quality Assurance slides, course certificate template, course evaluation, and the Speaker Agreement are available. In addition, a new course handout template has been added for your use.

•Archived webinars are available on the AIA Education webpage. View past webinars on AIA CES Quality assurance, course development, and AIA member education needs.

•The AIA Continuing Education team will be deactivating courses submitted in the years 2000, 2001, and 2002 during the first week in June.

Component Call for Speakers

AIA Chapters interested in finding speakers or sponsors for upcoming conferences or events can use this space to post conference information.

AIA Kentucky/AIA Indiana Convention

November 1-3, 2012
Lexington Kentucky
Call for Presentations – link:
Submissions Due: April 30, 2012
Exhibitor and Sponsor opportunities available
Contact: Janet Pike or 859-223-8201

Virginia Society AIA

25th Annual Architecture Exchange East
November 7-9, 2012
Richmond, Virginia
Call for Presentations
Submission Deadline: April 27, 2012
Exhibit, Sponsor and Advertising opportunities available
Contact: Wayne Conners,, or go to

AIA National
AIA 2013 National Convention and Design Exposition
June 20-22, 2013
Denver, Colorado
Call for Presentations
Submission Deadline: July 1, 2012

Contact: Beverly Holton
or 202-626-7445

Please email to add your 2011 events to this list and include AIA Chapter Speakers and Sponsors in the Subject line. 


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