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Provider Connection Articles by Topic

This page is a catalog of Provider Connection articles by topic. Articles are categorized by most related topic or subject matter.



AIA CES Provider Resources and Tips

Online Presentation Techniques – Part 1: Preparation and Content
Developing AIA CES Presentations: The 5 Mandatory Slides

Helpful Tips and Resources for AIA CES Providers

Quick Tips for Creating an Effective AIA CES Presentation

Using the Course Management Button to Verify Attendance

Designating Courses as Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Provider Quality Assurance and Audits

A Few Thoughts on Audits
A Provider Checklist

What Exactly is an Audit? Why Does CES Perform Audits?

What is a Speaker?

The Importance of Being a Primary and Secondary Point of Contact

Quality Assurance with AIA/CES Programs

Business Ethics for AIA/CES Providers

Quality Education Courses for AIA Members

What is an AIA/CES Audit?

Best Practices

Recognizing Kayli Maslin of Dow Corning Corporation
Recognizing Andrée Iffrig from Dirtt - Environmental Solutions

Provider Spotlight - Developing Distance Education: An Interview with the National Institute of Building Sciences Podcast

Reporting Course Attendance Using QR Code Technology

Provider Spotlight – PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Provider Spotlight – PABCO Gypsum

Provider Spotlight – The Boston Society of Architects

Provider Spotlight – Fentress Architects

Provider Spotlight – Marshall Craft Associates, Inc.

Provider Spotlight - Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Inc. and EYP Architecture & Engineering

Provider Spotlight - Dunlap & Partners Engineers

Continuing Education Resources

Continuing Education Instructional Formats - Linking Social Learning and Social Media to Facilitate and Strengthen Continuing Education
State Licensing Board MCE Interactive Map

Continuing Education Instructional Formats – Is Formal Learning Still Relevant in Today’s Workplace?

Discovering the Strengths of Blended Learning

Course Reviewer’s Corner

Some Thoughts on Putting Together an Effective Presentation
What If I Want to View My Course Submission Again Once It’s Been Approved?

Why Does a Course Submission Need Both a Course Description and Learning Objectives?

Course Approval Status: Why DO We Have All of Those Options?


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