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Provider Connection Articles by Topic

This page is a catalog of Provider Connection articles by topic. Articles are categorized by most related topic or subject matter.



AIA CES Provider Resources and Tips

Online Presentation Techniques – Part 3: Soft Skills and Technical Skills
Online Presentation Techniques – Part 2: Engagement and New Modes of Learning

Online Presentation Techniques – Part 1: Preparation and Content

Developing AIA CES Presentations: The 5 Mandatory Slides

Helpful Tips and Resources for AIA CES Providers

Quick Tips for Creating an Effective AIA CES Presentation

Member Needs Assessment as a Marketing Resource – Part 2

Navigating the Resources Section of CES Discovery

Member Needs Assessment as a Marketing Resource – Part 1

Using the Course Management Button to Verify Attendance

Designating Courses as Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Review of Member Research

Provider Quality Assurance and Audits

A Few Thoughts on Audits
A Provider Checklist

What Exactly is an Audit? Why Does CES Perform Audits?

What is a Speaker?

The Importance of Being a Primary and Secondary Point of Contact

Quality Assurance with AIA/CES Programs

Business Ethics for AIA/CES Providers

Quality Education Courses for AIA Members

What is an AIA/CES Audit?

Best Practices

Recognizing Kayli Maslin of Dow Corning Corporation
Recognizing Andrée Iffrig from Dirtt - Environmental Solutions

Provider Spotlight - Developing Distance Education: An Interview with the National Institute of Building Sciences Podcast

Reporting Course Attendance Using QR Code Technology

Provider Spotlight – PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Provider Spotlight – PABCO Gypsum

Provider Spotlight – The Boston Society of Architects

Provider Spotlight – Fentress Architects

Provider Spotlight – Marshall Craft Associates, Inc.

Provider Spotlight - Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Inc. and EYP Architecture & Engineering

Provider Spotlight - Dunlap & Partners Engineers

Continuing Education Resources

Continuing Education Instructional Formats - Linking Social Learning and Social Media to Facilitate and Strengthen Continuing Education
Continuing Education Instructional Formats - Informal Learning Offers Interactivity and Flexibility for Continuing Education

State Licensing Board MCE Interactive Map

The Value of Continuing Education for Interns and Emerging Professionals

Continuing Education Instructional Formats – Is Formal Learning Still Relevant in Today’s Workplace?

2012 Changes to Health, Safety, and Welfare Education Requirements

Discovering the Strengths of Blended Learning

How to do Adult Training - The 90/20/8 Rule
June 2011 Interview with Kevin A. Fitzgerald, AIA, PMP, Director, Resource Architect

Be Prepared for High-Performance Buildings

Course Reviewer’s Corner

Some Thoughts on Putting Together an Effective Presentation
What If I Want to View My Course Submission Again Once It’s Been Approved?

Future Course Content Webinars: Thanks for Your Feedback!

Future Course Content Webinars: What Are Your Thoughts?

Reflecting on Convention Week

Check Out Course Category Definitions!

The Resources Page: A Provider’s Best Friend

Why Does a Course Submission Need Both a Course Description and Learning Objectives?

Course Approval Status: Why DO We Have All of Those Options?

Context: The ‘Other’ Credit Designation Determinant

What Providers Should Know About Changes in Member Self-Report Policy

Before You Select ‘Pending Admin Approval’

HSW and SD: More than Just Letters

The Importance of Key Words

Industry News and Tips

ABI Reflects Strongest Billings in Nearly Two Years

Staff Introductions

What’s New in AIA CES? – Ramiro Solorzano
A New Staff Member’s First Experience – Kristen Albertsen

Continuing Education Programs: Meet the Manager – Michael Tamara


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