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Course Reviewer’s Corner

By Michael F. Tamara, Assoc. AIA

Manager, Continuing Education Programs

What If I Want to View My Course Submission Again Once It’s Been Approved?

A fairly common question I receive from Providers, especially during our busy fall submission season, is as follows: “Thank you for approving my course. Now how do I find out if it received HSW?” When I read or hear this question, it tells me there is need for clarification on two different points—how to find a course submission already in the system, and who is responsible for assigning credit designations to courses.

Regarding the first point, did you know that as a Provider, you can look up your course submissions, no matter what their current status is, whenever you want? It seems that there are more than a few Providers who may not be aware of this.

Simply log into Discovery and go to the Course Management page—just as you would if you were entering a new course—but instead of clicking “Add New Course” on the left-hand side, click “Approval Search” right below it (this should already be highlighted as the default selection). You can then click the grey search button at the bottom of the screen to see a list of all your courses, or you can search directly for a specific course by entering the number and/or title.

In terms of the second point, it is the Provider point of contact—not the AIA CES course reviewer—who chooses the desired credit designation from the dropdown menu on the Course Additional page when assembling the course submission. So, unless the course requires more information, it should be assumed that the submission has been approved for whatever credit designation you have chosen at the time of submission.

Keeping these tips in mind will save you time and effort, while allowing you to become more comfortable and familiar with the Discovery system at the same time.


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