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Recognizing Kayli Maslin from Dow Corning Corporation

By Ramiro Solórzano, Assoc. AIA

Manager, CES Provider Audits

For several months I have had the pleasure of working with Kayli Maslin. She is the Primary Point of Contact of the AIA Continuing Education System for her company Dow Corning Corporation. One of the fun parts about my job is the Provider Recognition program, highlighting Provider’s best practices as an example of quality education for architects. AIA CES started working with Kayli when she took over her Continuing Education program for her company. As she was new to the program, we worked together to take the steps in familiarizing her with the AIA CES program. I followed up with Kayli to ask her about her best practices.

Kayli started completely fresh to the program even though her company was already a part of the AIA CES Provider network. As a newcomer, she looked for ways to educate herself about the program and understand AIA CES Policies and Procedures. In an interview, Kayli explained her progress in becoming acquainted with AIA CES.

”Dow Corning has been a registered AIA course provider for many years. Our High Performance Building Solutions team regularly conducts AIA training as a way to provide continuing education to key influencers of purchase decisions in the industry.

As a newly designated Point of Contact (POC), it was important for me to investigate and get familiar with AIA rules and guidelines. The AIA Provider Manual was very helpful whenever a question would arise about one of our AIA courses.

With our courses being presented all over the country, we needed to find a way train our presenters and streamline our attendance submission process. We created a step-by-step how-to guide and trained each presenter on how to correctly submit their electronic attendance records and course evaluations to a monitored mailbox, where they are then reviewed and submitted to AIA for credit.

In the past, we offered these courses exclusively in the face-to-face ‘lunch-n-learn’ format, conducted by our field sellers and technical support staff. We recently began to transition our courses to the on-demand webcast format, while still keeping in line with the AIA rules and guidelines. “

While Dow Corning offers a variety of course formats, they are working to provide all of their courses in an on-demand format. “We offer our courses in a variety of formats, including face-to-face meetings, live video conferencing and on-demand webcasts. “ Dow Corning “currently offer[s] seven registered AIA courses. Two of these are offered in an on-demand webcast format. Our goal is to eventually transition all of our presentations to the on-demand format, providing convenience to our attendees and cost-savings for everyone.”

Continuing Education courses “are developed by our technical support team and formatted by our marketing team. We are continually ensuring that our course content is the most up-to-date information available in the industry. After implementing the requirement of providing course evaluations to all attendees, we hope to utilize this feedback to improve our course content as well.”

“Our courses focus on topics that relate to our line of business. We provide solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reduce the eco-footprint of construction materials, and improve the health and safety of building occupants. Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions include proven materials for structural and protective glazing, weatherproofing, insulating glass, window and door fabrication, and building materials protection, as well as innovations for high-efficiency insulation, LED lighting, thermal management systems, and the incorporation of photovoltaic cells and solar panels into building design. “

Kayli markets Down Corning’s courses to AIA members and practicing Architects by “links to our AIA information and courses on McGraw Hill and Dow Dow Corning has one of the best distribution networks in the country. Additionally, Dow Corning’s sales force has established excellent relationships with leading architects over the last 30 years and we call upon these relationships to schedule AIA presentations.”

Dow Corning also builds relationships with AIA members and other design professional ”directly through our Dow Corning sales force, while also utilizing online marketing communications and social media initiatives.”

In conclusion, I was glad to work with Kayli in learning about meeting new challenges head-on and making Dow Corning a successful Provider program. Kayli used all her resources and while working closely with me she was able to get the program running again to its full potential. I would like to thank Kayli Maslin for her contribution to this article and for sharing with me her challenges and successes with the AIA CES Provider program.


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