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CES UPDATE: Prerequisite Training for All Approved AIA CES Providers

By William Murillo, Assoc. AIA
Manager, CES Provider Training
February 26, 2013

Last month, I addressed some exciting new resources that you, our providers, will find useful and essential when developing your course material. You can follow us on YouTube for quick tutorials, on demand webinars, or previews of our CES workshops. Follow us on our blog, launching this week, for the latest in CES news and updates. Or simply follow us and our conversations with over 2500 providers on Facebook and twitter. Increasing our presence, while offering you applicable content and resources, will help us field all of your comments and concerns. All of these long awaited initiatives will also help us better serve you and provide a foundation of development strategies and support. This type of support is crucial for your advancement as educators and will directly impact the success of your program/business as well as your relevancy within the architectural community.

One element inherent in the partnership between AIA and its providers is the level of influence that education offerings have on the professional development and exploration of our architects. The remarkable importance of this is often overlooked. Your course material matters and is crucial in the progression of an entire profession. Here at the CES team we believe it’s time to own that and work together towards this year’s focus, Quality Education. This may seem repetitive to our usual readers, but it is important to note that the provision of Quality Education is part of a long list of initiatives that have been identified organization-wide to ensure member value for AIA architects as well as hosting an ongoing platform of improvement for the profession.

With this in mind, it is vital to not only offer the best resources for your businesses and educational programs but to work with you from the very beginning and ensure that there is proper footing before you proceed into the design community as educators. The confusion and headaches over learning objectives, curriculum development, identifying educational trends, and basic technological idiosyncrasies must be addressed through required training. Think not of the burden of watching a few webinars or attending a training workshop but submitting content for review with confidence. Consider delivering a course with the certainty that your material is so substantial as to merit an invitation from an architect or firm for more presentations. As mentioned, committing efforts to developing not only a foundation but a basic knowledge of how to educate architects will prove to be incredibly valuable in the long run as you maintain your continuing education program/business.

So, here’s how it works:

    1. Prerequisite training is a pilot program which will eventually become required as part of Quality Assurance/Education efforts.

    2. The pilot program will begin with required training for all new Provider Primary Points of Contact. The eventual goal will be to have three tiers of training at various learning levels (Competent, Intermediate, Advanced):

    - POC training

    - Speaker training

    - Program manager/content developer training

    3. Providers will have 90 days to complete 8 hours of total training composed of any of the following:

    1 hour content

    -Attending CES Webinars: our web series will host 2-3 webinars per month

    -Viewing archived webinar content: visit our page or our YouTube channel for archived content

    -CES Podcasts: Stay tuned and visit our YouTube channel

    8 hour content

    -Attending a CES workshop: visit for registration details. Next month’s workshop is now available for registration. Join us on Thursday, March 28th in San Francisco.

    Miscellaneous length

    -CES Tutorials: Stay tuned and visit our YouTube channel

    4. Access the New Reissue of the Provider Manual for more details, policies, and procedures attached to Prerequisite Training.

Prerequisite Training will be in effect March 1st. Start with one of our many archived webinars and look out for our future webinars including next week’s “In the Mind of the Reviewer”. Check out our CES Workshop schedule and consider joining us next month in San Francisco.

That’s all for now – Stay Relevant. Stay Competitive. Stay Tuned.


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