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Course Reviewer’s Corner
by Royce Brown Assoc. AIA
Manager, Continuing Education Programs

Looks can be deceiving: What really qualifies for HSW

Imagine you were on a road trip to Arizona and suddenly your vehicle breaks down. Signs for the nearest gas station read 30 miles away. Half way through your hike in the sweltering summer heat your mouth becomes incredibly dry, every swallow feels like cotton balls dropping down your throat. Your feet begin to blister and head begins to throb. Up ahead you notice what appears to be a service area. In relief you begin to run closer when you realize it was just an abandoned rest area. If only you had a spare tire or even some bottled water for your hike.

Looks can be deceiving and like this exaggerated story, we can easily be misled by our lack of preparation and perception. The same can be said when we register courses without familiarizing ourselves with HSW criteria. Before selecting “Pending Admin Approval” please be sure to cross examine if your course qualifies. Ask yourself this question:

Does my course meet the HSW guidelines as detailed in the CES Provider Manual?

    Three Criteria’s for Approved HSW courses

    § Anything that relates to the structural integrity or soundness of a building or building site. Courses must intend to protect the general public.

    § Course content must include one or more of the AIA CES-acceptable HSW topics.

    § 75 percent of course content must be on HSW topic

If the course you plan on registering doesn’t meet the Provider Manual’s criteria, you may be faced with a longer journey than you had anticipated. Please be sure once you select “Pending Admin Approval” that your preparations prior pay off and your perception is reality. For a more detailed look at how to submit courses that get approved please register for In the Mind of the Reviewer webinar scheduled Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 2pm EST.


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