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Ethics in Continuing Education

By Ramiro Solórzano, Assoc. AIA

Manager, CES Provider Audits
February 26, 2013

On page 78 of the Provider Manual, we have listed our policies on ethics and expect all of our Providers to follow and uphold these guidelines. These policies may be common sense and most people might already be familiar with good conduct without having to actually our policies, however it is very important to be clear to meet expectations. Having them easily referenced is as important as well.

With any company, ethical decisions needs to meet company expectations to succeed, however just making up rules and relaying them to your colleagues is not enough. Through my research, I ran into Thomas Fox’s business ethics article on “How Do You Move Ethical Values Down Through Your Company?” Fox does a great job on explaining how ethics on the leadership level can disseminate throughout the whole company. Just to highlight his main points, here is what is important for business ethics to thrive:

    • Passion: Do you really have a thirst and appetite for your work?

    • Humility and Integrity: Treat your co-workers with respect and dignity.

    • Courage: Speak up – if you have a great idea, tell us, and if you disagree with people in the room, speak up.

    • Curiosity: They wanted folks who would constantly question and learn, not only about the company but about the industry.

    • Impact: Are you having an impact at the company?

    • Be outward-looking: Do good and do right by each other

Fox’s main points are an important part of maintaining the quality of Continuing Education. Written ethics help providers support and agree on the value towards life-long learning for Architects. We look to our Providers to deliver their best for our members.


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