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February 26, 2013 –


1. What’s New in AIA CES?

2. Marketing Strategies for CES Providers

3. Provider Training Resources

4. Course Reviewer’s Corner – Looks can be Deceiving: What Really Qualifies for HSW

5. Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

6. Call for Speakers

7. CES Calendar of Events

8. Media Scan

What’s New in AIA CES?

CES Update: Prerequisite Training for All Approved AIA CES Providers

By William Murillo, Assoc. AIA
Manager, CES Provider Training

Last month, I addressed some exciting new resources that you, our providers, will find useful and essential when developing your course material. You can follow us on YouTube for quick tutorials, on demand webinars, or previews of our CES workshops. Follow us on our blog, launching this week, for the latest in CES news and updates. Or simply follow us and our conversations with over 2500 providers on Facebook and twitter. Increasing our presence, while offering you applicable content and resources, will help us field all of your comments and concerns. All of these long awaited initiatives will also help us better serve you and provide a foundation of development strategies and support. This type of support is crucial for your advancement as educators and will directly impact the success of your program/business as well as your relevancy within the architectural community.  

One element inherent in the partnership between AIA and its providers is the level of influence that education offerings have on the professional development and exploration of our architects. The remarkable importance of this is often overlooked. Your course material matters and is crucial in the progression of an entire profession. Here at the CES team we believe it’s time to own that and work together towards this year’s focus, Quality Education.  This may seem repetitive to our usual readers, but it is important to note that the provision of Quality Education is part of a long list of initiatives that have been identified organization-wide to ensure member value for AIA architects as well as hosting an ongoing platform of improvement for the profession.

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Ethics in Continuing Education

By Ramiro Solórzano, Assoc. AIA
Manager, CES Provider Audits

On page 78 of the Provider Manual, we have listed our policies on ethics and expect all of our Providers to follow and uphold these guidelines. These policies may be common sense and most people might already be familiar with good conduct without having to actually our policies, however it is very important to be clear to meet expectations. Having them easily referenced is as important as well.

With any company, ethical decisions needs to meet company expectations to succeed, however just making up rules and relaying them to your colleagues is not enough. Through my research, I ran into Thomas Fox’s business ethics article on “How Do You Move Ethical Values Down Through Your Company?”  Fox does a great job on explaining how ethics on the leadership level can disseminate throughout the whole company.

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Marketing Strategies for CES Providers

By Aaron Neumann
Manager, CES Data Compliance & Reporting

Part Two: Social Media

This article series will cover basic marketing strategies for CES providers. Using a case study approach, new methods for generating greater connectivity with your customer base and AIA members through researching, developing a dynamic database of contacts and branding your courses using innovative curricular formats, will be underlined with the goal of providing you a foundation of marketing tactics to build upon. Part one of this series covered Research and Database Development while part two will focus on Social Media. Together these tactics are a powerful threesome for marketing.

Social Media

Social media provides the opportunity to build relationships and enrich your network through sustained and more personal contact. The most popular and accessible social media platforms currently used by CES Providers are:

    1. LinkedIn

    2. Blogging

    3. Twitter

    4. Facebook

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Youtube: Check out our workshop in Atlanta at AIA Georgia!

Learn more about AIA CES Provider Workshops and listen to what some of our attendees, providers just like you, have to say about their experience. Join us for a workshop this year and find out what you need to know to succeed as an AIA CES Provider!

Architecture Firm Billings Continue Resurgence into New Year

By Jennifer Riskus

The Architecture Firm Billings index’s seasonal adjustment factors were revised in January, leading to some revisions in the historical data, but the overall trend of the last six months remained the same, with firm billings growing every month. Inquiries into new projects also remained strong in January, and firms reported a strong increase in the value of new design/design-build contracts.

Access the full Work-on-the-Boards survey results for the month of January.


    • Business conditions continued to strengthen at architecture firms in January, as the ABI climbed to 54.2, signifying the strongest growth in five and a half years. Inquiries into new projects also remained strong in January, and firms reported a strong increase in the value of new design/design-build contracts.

    • Architecture firm billings continued to grow at firms in all regions of the country in January, with business conditions remaining strongest in the Midwest. In addition, firms of all specializations reported an increase in firm billings in January, with growth remaining strongest at firms with a residential specialization.

    Time for design: This month’s special practice question asked survey panelists if they had seen any recent changes in the length of time required for project design activities, and just over one third indicated that the design phase for a typical project has decreased over the last two years, while just over one quarter reported that it had increased. For firms that have experienced a decrease in project design time, 75% reported that greater urgency from the client to get the design completed was a very important factor. When asked about the importance of factors increasing project design time, 52% of respondents rated delays caused by client nervousness over the weak economy as very important.

Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

• When submitting courses on sustainable design, please remember to select the LU/HSW designation and not the LU/HSW/SD designation. We will be removing the SD credit from the CES Discovery System and this will help ensure accurate member transcripts.

Media Scan


AIA and NIBS Launch Free Building Research Portal

ARUP's Drivers of Change

What will our world be like in 2050?



Course Reviewer’s Corner

Looks can be Deceiving: What Really Qualifies for HSW

By Royce Brown, Assoc. AIA
Manager, Continuing Education Programs

Imagine you were on a road trip to Arizona and suddenly your vehicle breaks down. Signs for the nearest gas station read 30 miles away. Half way through your hike in the sweltering summer heat your mouth becomes incredibly dry, every swallow feels like cotton balls dropping down your throat. Your feet begin to blister and head begins to throb. Up ahead you notice what appears to be a service area. In relief you begin to run closer when you realize it was just an abandoned rest area. If only you had a spare tire or even some bottled water for your hike.

Looks can be deceiving and like this exaggerated story, we can easily be misled by our lack of preparation and perception.  The same can be said when we register courses without familiarizing ourselves with HSW criteria.  Before selecting “Pending Admin Approval” please be sure to cross examine if your course qualifies. Ask yourself this question:

Does my course meet the HSW guidelines as detailed in the CES Provider Manual?

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Component Call for Speakers

AIA Chapters can use this space to post conference information.

AIA Kansas Conference & Exposition
September 11-13, 2013
Lawrence, Kansas
Call for Speakers & Exhibitors

2013 AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention

(Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio)
September 19-21, 2013
Louisville Marriott Downtown
Louisville, KY
Call for Presentations to be issued early 2013
Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration at
Contact:  Kate Brunswick at AIA Ohio

AIA Nebraska Annual Conference

October 3-4, 2013
Omaha, Nebraska
Contact: Sara Kay

2013 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Conference

October 23-26, 2013
Vancouver Convention Center
Vancouver, BC
Call for Papers

Design on the Delaware

October 29, 2013 – November 1, 2013
Sheraton Downtown Hotel & Center for Architecture
Philadelphia, PA
Program Proposals due April 8.
Exhibit, sponsor advertising opportunities

AIA Philadelphia
Contact: Pat Gourley

Architecture Exchange East

November 6-8, 2013
Greater Richmond Convention Center
Richmond, VA

Virginia Society AIA

ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX)

November 20-22, 2013
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, MA

Boston Society of Architects

Please email to add your 2013 events to this list and include AIA Chapter Speakers and Sponsors in the Subject line.

CES Calendar of Events

Upcoming Workshops and Webinars

As a Provider, we welcome you to join us for one of our upcoming face-to-face trainings or online webinars. The workshops are an excellent one-stop shop for provider related information. These workshops will cover an overview of CES policies and procedures, CES Discovery Training, tips for developing learning objectives and effective PowerPoints. The webinars will also review resources to continue to educate yourself and your presenters on using the CES Discovery system.

Upcoming 2013 Workshops:

March 28
– AIA San Francisco
April 25
– AIA National
May 14
– AIA Chicago
June 19
– AIA National Convention: Denver
July 16
– AIA New York
September 17
– AIA Seattle
October 22
– AIA Houston
December 3
– AIA Middle Tennessee

Upcoming 2013 Webinars:

February 27 – In the Mind of the Reviewer – 2 PM EST


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