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Provider Conference Discussion Forum: Prerequisite Training
By Aaron Neumann
Manger, CES Data Reporting + Compliance

June 25, 2013

On June 19th, the AIA CES team welcomed Continuing Education Providers to the AIA 2013 National Convention in Denver, Colorado. During convention this year, the CES team hosted the much anticipated CES Provider Conference, which consisted of educational courses and forums that presented content focused on our CES Providers. The Provider Conference was a great success, and CES providers learned about effective marketing strategies and social media to member needs and new initiatives that the CES team has launched in the recent months.

In the coming Provider Connection articles, the CES team will discuss exciting news from the AIA National Convention 2013 and the CES Provider Conference, examine key findings from the Provider Conference, and share the most relevant and useful content to all of our providers who were not able to attend. This article will cover one of the forums titled “CES Prerequisite Training, taught by William Murillo, Assoc. AIA and Sara Kay, Hon. AIA that was designed for brand new CES providers. The content and questions raised in the forum however, offered useful resources for all CES Providers.

On March 1st, AIA CES began an initiative to train brand new CES Providers and offer a foundation of best practices/skills for offering quality education. All CES Providers who have joined the provider network after March 1, 2013 must complete 8 hours of training. These 8 hours must be completed within 90 days of join date. Some of the questions raised during the forum are below.

CES Provider Conference: Prerequisite Training Seminar Notes

What is it?

We established this initiative out of a need to train new providers. We found that providers joined CES with great intentions, but were not equipped with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be as successful as they could be.

Prerequisite training consists of 8 hours mandatory training for new providers disseminated through Webinars, Podcasts, Tutorials, etc. that deal with best practices, knowledge on social media, marketing, instructional design.

Where can you find these resources?

These resources can be found on our main website page, our new blog and YouTube channel, as well as in the welcome emails that new providers receive. Here are links to these resources:

What is the goal of prerequisite training?

“Flood providers with as many resources as possible…and build a comprehensive database of resources to use” so that new providers can be as successful as possible from the start.

How is it tracked?

We are currently basing the 8 hour requirement on the honor system. All providers have a 2 week grace period to complete the training if it is not completed. We have initiated this training to ease the headaches involved in calling the Call Center because providers don’t know how to log in, or the stresses involved in knowing how to effectively market and promote your course in the right channels. The training will help new providers with the basic knowledge necessary to succeed.

Can you expand the beginning, intermediate and advanced framework for course development?

Training providers on how to develop courses that are segmented by level of difficulty allows providers to expand their network and offer courses to a broader demographic.

How can I leverage AIA Components?

AIA components are excellent resources for all CES Providers, especially new providers. They can help you reach out to members and advertise your courses. They understand member needs at the local level and often know what projects are happening, and what resources and education architects need. To find CES Components, contact the component department at AIA CES National or do a Google search for a component in your area.

How do I track the training and send it in?

There is a form online for providers to document their mandatory training. Once the training is documented, the form can be sent to CES.


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