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2013 CES Provider Conference: Findings

By William Murillo, Assoc. AIA
Manager, CES Provider Training

Repositioning and Quality Education

June 25, 2013

First off, I would like to thank all of our CES Providers who assembled in Denver, Colorado for our 2013 CES Provider Conference, over 100 in attendance, for a day of dialogue and learning. The Provider Conference was host to many engaging conversations on Quality Education, marketing, and innovation through education. Providers shared best practices for their educational programming, concerns and suggestions for AIA CES, and truly answered the call as decision makers and innovators through 3 separate discussion forums and 9 educational sessions. In our discussion forums we discussed AIA Repositioning, CES Prerequisite Training, as well as techniques for cultivating the CES program. As Aaron detailed, the forum on Prerequisite Training engendered a great discussion on the particulars of this new initiative, thoughts on the future of Prerequisite Training, and ways in which to leverage these best practice tools as a foundation for all new providers.

So, what have I missed?

AIA Repositioning, moderated by Bill Seider, FAIA and Bruce Hamilton, AIA, NCARB, was a pivotal forum where CES Providers not only learned about the AIA’s endeavor for organizational restructuring but also their role as part of this high level initiative. The AIA has a strong membership of over 80,000 architects who are educated across the country by our network of nearly 3,000 providers. Through the AIA repositioning forum, providers were offered insight on what members expect from a service and membership organization as well as how the AIA can ensure the ongoing relevancy of the architectural profession in a rapidly changing world. How does the education offered by CES and its providers fit into this equation? At AIA CES, we believe it has never been a more complex or exciting time to be a provider. Moving forward, the AIA CES provider must evolve and take on a leadership role to contribute to the professional advancement of architects nationwide.

Things to consider:

How can CES Providers successfully embrace the values and interests of a diverse membership?

How can CES Providers identify which programs are essential to AIA members?

How can CES Providers keep their content timely and fresh?

Cultivating your CES program, moderated by CES Director Alla Orlova, MA and John Lape, AIA, offered one of the best conversations at the conference. Our moderators began with a robust presentation on developing content, marketing, and establishing strategic partnerships. However, one question dominated the conversation. How do you define Quality Education? As providers, please consider this crucial question and evaluate your educational program. As the educational landscape evolves, we see a significant impact on the ways we all learn (architects included). Providers shared best practices for raising the standards of educational presentation. Simple and effective techniques like:

Breaking the stigma of presenter vs. attendee by engaging the audience in thoughtful discussions and experience sharing.

Embedding activities, breakout discussions, and new learning styles to offer a more robust and higher level learning experience.

Redirecting the focus of education from simple delivery and memorization of facts/information to active engagement with new ideas and concepts for greater understanding.

Collaboration with components and even other providers to reach a broader audience.

Things to consider:

What is Quality Education?

What is the future of my program and how can I evolve as an educator to achieve relevancy amongst a new wave of young architects looking for effective and engaging education.

If you would like to know more about events from our CES Provider Conference keep an eye in the coming days to our website as we will be uploading all presentations from the CES Provider Conference. Also, take a look at our blog and YouTube channel for thoughts on the future of education and take-aways from the CES Provider Conference.

Again, from our CES team here at AIA National, thank you to those who contributed to an exciting and informative day as well as a great start to our AIA National Convention. See you next year!


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