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June 25, 2013

Table of Contents

Want to Learn How to Succeed as a CES Provider?

2013 CES Provider Conference Discussion Forum: Prerequisite Training

2013 CES Provider Conference: Findings

Join the AIA Continuing Education Providers Group on Linkedin!

Recognizing Daniel E. Wueste, Ph.D. Clemson University Center for Ethics

Introducing a Fresh Look and Easier Navigation on the Education Homepage

Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

Component Call for Speakers

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    Want to Learn How to Succeed as a CES Provider?

    By William Murillo, Assoc. AIA
    Manager, CES Provider Training

    2013 July AIA/CES Provider Workshop Hosted by AIA New York Chapter

    Join us in New York City and take part in an audience-centered, informal and dialogue-friendly workshop experience for CES Registered Providers! This workshop will cover an overview of CES policies and procedures, CES Discovery Training, tips for developing learning objectives and effective presentations so you can design your courses in the context of CES policy, Quality Assurance, and much more! Discover what you, as a Provider, need to know based on recent CES changes, how to effectively connect with architects, and successfully market yourself as an innovator in Continuing Education during 2013 and beyond!

    Date: July 16, 2013
    Event start time: 8:00 am

    Register Here

    Also on the CES Calendar:

    2013 CES Web series

    2013 CES Provider Conference Discussion Forum: Prerequisite Training

    By Aaron Neumann
    Manager, CES Data Reporting + Compliance

    On June 19th, the AIA CES team welcomed Continuing Education Providers to the AIA 2013 National Convention in Denver, Colorado. During convention this year, the CES team hosted the much anticipated CES Provider Conference, which consisted of educational courses and forums that presented content focused on our CES Providers. The Provider Conference was a great success, and CES providers learned about effective marketing strategies and social media to member needs and new initiatives that the CES team has launched in the recent months.

    In the coming Provider Connection articles, the CES team will discuss exciting news from the AIA National Convention 2013 and the CES Provider Conference, examine key findings from the Provider Conference, and share the most relevant and useful content to all of our providers who were not able to attend. This article will cover one of the forums titled "CES Prerequisite Training," taught by William Murillo, Assoc. AIA and Sara Kay, Hon. AIA that was designed for brand new CES providers. The content and questions raised in the forum however, offered useful resources for all CES Providers.

    Learn More

    2013 CES Provider Conference: Findings

    By William Murillo, Assoc. AIA
    Manager, CES Provider Training

    Repositioning and Quality Education

    First off, I would like to thank all of our CES Providers who assembled in Denver, Colorado for our 2013 CES Provider Conference, over 100 in attendance, for a day of dialogue and learning. The Provider Conference was host to many engaging conversations on Quality Education, marketing, and innovation through education. Providers shared best practices for their educational programming, concerns and suggestions for AIA CES, and truly answered the call as decision makers and innovators through 3 separate discussion forums and 9 educational sessions. In our discussion forums we discussed AIA Repositioning, CES Prerequisite Training, as well as techniques for cultivating the CES program. As Aaron detailed, the forum on Prerequisite Training engendered a great discussion on the particulars of this new initiative, thoughts on the future of Prerequisite Training, and ways in which to leverage these best practice tools as a foundation for all new providers.

    Learn More

    Join the AIA Continuing Education Providers Group on Linkedin!

    Jean Feroldi

    Connect with us for updates on CES events, announcements, and discussions. Our AIA Continuing Education Providers Group is a place for Providers to connect with each other.

    What can you expect to find on the AIA Continuing Education System Linkedin group?

    The AIA CES Linkedin Group will be a community for Providers to learn about AIA CES news, collaborate with other Providers, and contribute continuing education best practices. As Providers, you can share your comments, ideas, resources, and promote your programs. Join our growing community of Providers and connect with us today!

    Recognizing Daniel E. Wueste, Ph.D. Clemson University Center for Ethics

    By Ramiro Solórzano, Assoc. AIA
    Manager, CES Provider Audits

    I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Daniel E. Wueste who is our primary point of contact for Clemson University Center for Ethics. Dr. Wueste does full day course on professional ethics in Architecture. The course is taught at Clemson University where there is a great opportunity to offer this seminar to emerging professionals. The session is done in partnership with the South Carolina Board of Architectural Examiners, members of the board with Clemson University students. One of the fun things I do at the AIA CES is Provider Recognition on their best practices so that the AIA CES and our Providers can embody those best practices. I followed up with Dr. Wueste to ask him about his well sought-out course and his contribution to the profession.

    Learn More

    What's New in AIA CES?

    By Jean Feroldi, Assoc. AIA
    Manager, CES Communications + Review

    Introducing a Fresh Look and Easier Navigation on the Education Homepage

    During Convention in last week, AIA CES launched a redesign to the Education homepage to help both members and Providers more easily navigate relevant resources and tools. Information is defined by user groups and updated graphics will help you identify and select the materials you need. If you haven't already seen the updated page, included is a list of the new features as you will see when visiting the page.

    Learn More

    Monthly Provider Tips and Reminders

    Jean Feroldi, Assoc. AIA
    Manager, CES Communications and Review

    • When submitting courses, please remember that anytime a course title, course number, or 25% of the course content changes, a new course must be registered in CES Discovery.

    • Courses originally submitted in 2008 and 2009, were due to go inactive on Jan 1, 2012. CES will be deactivating these courses on July 15, 2013. This is a way to keep your courses updated as they evolve throughout the years.

Component Call for Speakers

    Please contact Jean Feroldi to add your 2013 events to this list.

    AIA Chapters can use this space to post conference information.

    AIA Austin Annual Summer Conference & Product Expo

    August 22-23, 2013
    Norris Conference Center
    Austin, Texas
    Call for Presentations

    AIA Kansas Conference & Exposition

    September 11-13, 2013
    Lawrence, Kansas
    Call for Speakers & Exhibitors

    2013 AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention

    (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio)
    September 19-21, 2013
    Louisville Marriott Downtown
    Louisville, KY
    Call for Presentations to be issued early 2013
    Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration at
    Contact:  Kate Brunswick at AIA Ohio

    AIA Nebraska Annual Conference

    October 3-4, 2013
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Contact: Sara Kay

    2013 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Conference

    October 23-26, 2013
    Vancouver Convention Center
    Vancouver, BC
    Call for Papers

    Design on the Delaware
    October 29, 2013 – November 1, 2013
    Sheraton Downtown Hotel & Center for Architecture
    Philadelphia, PA
    Program Proposals due April 8.
    Exhibit, sponsor advertising opportunities

    AIA Philadelphia
    Contact: Pat Gourley

    Architecture Exchange East

    November 6-8, 2013
    Greater Richmond Convention Center
    Richmond, VA

    Virginia Society AIA

    ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX)

    November 20-22, 2013
    Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
    Boston, MA

    Boston Society of Architects


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