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New CES Provider Renewal Process

By Aaron Neumann
Manager, CES Data Reporting and Compliance

August 27, 2013

This year, CES is excited to be launching a new online invoicing platform to renewing your 2014 CES Provider Subscription! In an effort to better serve our CES Provider, this new application will streamline the renewal process and give providers a better renewal experience. All CES Providers will be required to log into this online application to renew. Below you will find screen shots of the application along and explanations on the various features.

From this online renew platform, CES Providers will be able to update their organizational information, read and sign the Quality Assurance Statement, View the provider video, a video that contains important updates about the CES provider program, and pay their subscription using 3 methods: by credit card, by electronic check, and by mailing in the check. Providers can view and print the invoice from this online application, as well as print a receipt for your payment!

We are excited to offer our CES providers this new and enhanced service! Note: This application will be available for 2014 CES Provider Subscription online renew on October 1.

Please view the screen shows below to familiarize yourself with the new renew process. Both Primary and Secondary Points of Contact will be able to log in and pay the subscription.

This is the log in page. Provider Primary and Secondary points of contact will simply enter their email and password to log on.

Once you log on, your subscription for renewal will be available. Simply select the renew button to begin the renewal process!

The renew process will consist of four steps: Organization and contact information, Sign Quality Assurance Statement, Watch Provider Video, and Pay invoice. There are numersou features built in to the application to notify providers of their progress towards completion and of completed and required information.

For the first step, providers can update basic information about their company, including corporate email address, website, and company address.

The quality assurance statement will be the next step. Providers will be required to read the quality assurance statement and sign and approve it.

The new provider video is the most exciting feature of this application. This video serves as an opportunity for CES to update providers on new resources available to them and on new initiatives that the CES team is engaging in. Providers will be required to watch this enjoyable and informative video.

Lastly, Providers will be able to pay their subscription using multiple payment methods including, printing the invoice and mailing a check, paying by credit card, paying by electronic check and Amex.

At any point, the provider can log out of the application and it will automatically save progress. Once the provider logs back in, the landing page will include an overview of your progress.

We hope that Providers will find this new renew process simple and convenient. We look forward to your continued partnership in 2014!


CES Team!


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