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Apps for Architects: Wunderlist

By Andrew Hawkins, AIA


Wunderlist is an app for task management. It allows the user to create multiple task lists and manage them in a simple interface. The application is a checklist tool in its essence. But it offers a little more once you get into the depths of it.

I, for one, need such an app to keep me remotely on schedule and on task. As my day progresses I tend to get distracted and on tangents. I use this app to keep me focused, and it is great for just that. I also like that it allows for collaboration via list sharing across your team.


The usage for this app is as simple or as complex as you please. Each task can be a single item, or it can have several subtasks nested beneath it. You can also associate notes and almost any type of file with each task. I use your typical docs and have yet to find one that will not attach.

Your list (or single task) can be shared across teams, and the app allows for comments and some level of collaboration. This is a nice feature.

The application also integrates with your email. You can add items to your list from your email, and these will appear in a list titled, “inbox.” Although this app does a bit of email work, it is not very cooperative with Outlook.




My favorite piece of this app is its connection to my desktop. I am not required to sit at my desk and use my phone or tablet to add to my list, which fits so nicely with my workflow. The reverse of this out in the field is great too!

Other great features:

  • Simple to use for listing your to-do list and tasks
  • Offers many options for sharing and managing your list
  • Collaboration features allow you to share or email your lists with others
  • Syncs across all of my devices and my desktop to keep me organized no matter where I park myself for the day.




At this point, I have not come across many negatives. I suppose a complaint may be that is it merely a task management app, but it is a fairly robust one. And to me that is nice. I know this is not a “do-everything-in-one-place” type app, but sometimes it is better to be great at one thing than mediocre at many.


Currently this app is available for both iOS and Android (Desktop Mac and PC). Download from



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Andrew Hawkins, AIA is the President and Principal Architect of Hawkins Architecture, Inc. Andrew believes in sustainable design, technology in practice, and the power of thoughtful architecture. He routinely attempts to adapt technologies from other disciplines and appropriate them into architectural practice. He is also active in the AIA at the state and the local level in Texas.

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