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Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the Draft Strategic Plan

What happened to our 3 Strategic Initiatives – Sustainability, Diversity, IPD?

Answer: There was consensus that these initiatives cut across multiple strategies and should be integrated throughout the plan as opposed to stand alone initiatives.

Another suggested approach is to define categories for strategic initiatives such that new ones could be defined in the future as older ones are sunsetted or there are emerging issues that must be addressed. The categories included:

  • Components and Community (e.g., Diversity)
  • Technology and Innovation (e.g., Integrated Project Delivery)
  • Environment and Stewardship (e.g., Sustainability)
  • Business and Practice (e.g., Navigating the Economy)

Why did we keep the same goals?

Answer: In compiling input from various member groups, we asked if the existing goals – Increase Member Value, Be the Authoritative Source, Serve as the Credible Voice, and Optimize Organizational Performance which was changed to Build One AIA– still were valid for the organization in the future. There was general consensus that these four still made sense and ensured that the organization continued to focus on key values of the AIA.

Is “Design Matters” a vision statement or a tag line?

There was not consensus that this particular phrase constituted a “vision statement” but that the concept of design is important in many ways to the profession and the built environment. A subgroup of the Strategic Direction Group will be charged with refining the vision statement for the next draft of the plan.

How will we know when we achieved these strategies?

Answer: Measures (metrics) will be developed to determine our success in implementing the strategies and achieving the goals of the plan. The measures will be developed after we finalize the strategies that are now in draft form.

If we are giving input now, when and how will we get the final Strategic Plan?

Answer: During August-September, input will be collected and synthesized to determine how it can be used to refine the draft plan. The board and board committees will review a subsequent draft, including the measures of success discussed above. The final version will be endorsed by the board at the December board meeting.

When considering organizational models, what is going well that should be maintained? (We shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.)

Answer: A critical part of the activity going forward will be to engage components, staff and others in determining where key competencies lie to deliver, coordinate, collaborate and disseminate the programs and services that the AIA offers.

What would our average member feel about this plan? Would they support it? How do we answer the member question...what have you done for me lately?

Answer: The proposed plan emphasizes:

  • promoting a culture of collaboration, communication, sharing and empowerment so that members become more engaged with the AIA;
  • creating value for members through thought leadership that ensures AIA can provide cutting edge knowledge, tools and resources that assist members in daily practice;
  • strengthening advocacy and promotion of the profession and its members, and;
  • building “One AIA” to be a more effective and efficient organization regardless of whether members’ point of contact is at the national, state or local level.

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