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AIA KnowledgeNet Connects Members with Enhanced Directories and Discussions

Following the AIA Knowledge Agenda – Online and Open to All

By Kathleen Simpson



The AIA National Knowledge Communities, composed of 35,000 AIA colleagues, are collaborating on AIA KnowledgeNet, a Web site rich in networking, resource sharing, and discussion forums. AIA KnowledgeNet is the new way for Knowledge Communities to communicate, and it’s open to all AIA members.

Learn how your contributions can automatically enter you to win an iPad, Web cam, and homepage recognition.

The AIA values its members’ privacy. AIA members not enrolled in a Knowledge Community on July 1, 2010 will need to opt-in to the site to be listed in the directory. See Log-in Help page for details.

What are Knowledge Communities?

AIA KnowledgeNet started with nineteen national Knowledge Communities including long-standing communities focused on practice management, residential design, and historic preservation. These communities will continue to provide members with timely information on awards, research, industry news, programs, and in-person networking opportunities in their specific area. AIA KnowledgeNet helps members take their expertise in these areas to the next level with online interactivity, allowing them to take the lead in the professional dialogue through access to discussion forums, resource libraries, and blogs.

Where are Knowledge Communities going?

AIA KnowledgeNet, like the AIA Knowledge Communities, is a free benefit of AIA membership and is open to public enrollment. Members can join any number of Knowledge Communities by updating their AIA account. To encourage cross-disciplinary discussions, non-AIA-members can create an AIA account.

From the knowledge agenda approved by the AIA National Board the 2010 Convention:

    External knowledge will be central in creating knowledge-focused leadership and should involve collateral organizations and outside institutions. AIA should establish mechanisms to allow collaboration on knowledge creation and sharing among all of these groups. We can ‘open our doors’ and encourage other stakeholders to participate on AIA boards and committees at all levels of the Institute.

AIA Members on AIA KnowledgeNet:

AIA KnowledgeNet


Beverly Prior, FAIA
"[AIA KnowledgeNet] will give people the kind of access to networking, learning, sharing, and the inside scoop that one could only otherwise get by attending conferences or participating on a committee."

See Beverly’s recent post

AIA KnowledgeNet


Dr. Richard S. Vosko, Hon. AIA
"AIA KnowledgeNet is a clean, refreshing platform that is sure to change the way AIA Knowledge Communities do business. It has the potential to stimulate collaboration and knowledge throughout the architectural industry."

See Richard’s recent post


How does AIA KnowledgeNet benefit you today?

With AIA KnowledgeNet, members can search through thousands of colleagues’ profiles with dozens of search criteria: professional and personal interests, work, education, location, Knowledge Community membership, professional affiliation, and more. There’s a “Like Me” feature that lets members compare how similar their KnowledgeNet profile is to other members. This new online forum makes it easy to upload multimedia files of all types--use it to discuss and critique images of different projects, listen to and comment on podcasts, and gather links to the design news of the day. It also allows members to invite specific individuals to join specialized interest groups. Other AIA KnowledgeNet features include:

    • Based on profiles, members will automatically be provided with suggested contacts called networks from all 35,000 members.
    See My Profile > My Networks.

    AIA account information is pulled directly in the networking site as a personal profile. AIA members can skip filling in all the basic information required on other Web sites. Also, it’s possible to set specific preferences for the visibility of contact information on the site.
    See My Profile > My Preferences.

    • AIAKnowledgeNet combines the best of discussion forums and popular social media networks.

    o Why manage several different email lists when there is a way to post messages in real time and only receive email updates in one place?
    See Discussions > My Subscriptions.

    o Why create separate YouTube, Flickr, and Google accounts, when AIA KnowledgeNet lets architects share all types of files?
    See Resources > Add Document.

    o Why manage a blog that may receive little traffic when it’s possible to post blog entries on any topic and have them appear on the AIA KnowledgeNet homepage.
    See Blog > Create a Blog Entry.

    • Members can start a community about a specific practice topic that interests them quickly and easily, like the Women in Architecture and Design community.
    See Communities > Member Created.

Stay tuned to AIArchitect for more updates on the features and conversations on AIA KnowledgeNet.

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