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AIA Launches Stalled Projects Database

A place where investors and architects and developers can connect

The American Institute of Architects launched the Stalled Projects Database in November 2011 as a place where industry leaders can connect with investors and re-start projects nationwide that make solid economic sense but which lack the financing needed to be finished.

Stalled Projects is an initiative of the AIA and is designed to help architects and their clients find a solution to the primary issue plaguing the design and construction industry – access to credit.

The AIA announced its commitment to building this database in 2011 as a participating member at CGI America, the first conference of the Clinton Global Initiative solely dedicated to economic issues impacting the United States.

How the Database Works

Industry leaders can fill out a form and post information about their project. More than one project can be submitted. Industry leaders can also read about investors and find and make contacts.

Investors can fill out a similar form that provides the basic details about their company and the kind of projects in which they are interested in investing. Investors are welcome to remain anonymous if they wish, though they must complete the form in order to peruse stalled projects listed in the database.

The AIA makes no assurance as to the accuracy or legitimacy of any of the information entered by either investors/lenders or project owners. That is up to both sides to evaluate. Neither does the AIA rank the projects listed as to viability or any other criteria. We are simply acting as a forum for investors and architects/project owners/developers to meet and exchange information.

The AIA commitment comes as the design and construction industry is plagued by a continuing dearth of credit for otherwise credit-worthy projects, and continues to lose jobs. Almost two-thirds of architects responding to a recent AIA survey reported at least one project that is stalled due to lack of financing, despite record low interest rates.

The Clinton Global Initiative’s Chicago conference convened diverse stakeholders - including CEOs of American companies and international companies with U.S. operations, national and local government officials, and leaders from the nonprofit sector – to identify effective ways to strengthen U.S. industries, unlock capital for innovation and entrepreneurship, advance energy efficiency, build clean energy infrastructure, and train Americans for the 21st-century workforce.

Topics covered during the meeting included education, green buildings, the healthcare workforce, manufacturing, rural development, service corps, small business growth, smart infrastructure and workforce training.

The AIA continues to be committed to the Stalled Projects database. But we need your continuing participation and feedback. We’d like to hear if you have obtained the financing needed for your project as a result of listing your project on this site. Only through your continued participation can this site remain a viable tool for financing Stalled Projects.




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