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AIA Colorado’s Award-Winning Designs Show Off Mountain Spirit

The mountainous geography of Colorado has thoroughly permeated the designers of AIA Colorado, as evidenced by the component’s latest crop of design awards. There are direct references to sharp and craggy Rocky Mountain forms, with RNL’s Denver Central Platte Campus building, and more subtle references, as with CCY Architects’ Wall House, a residence that settles into its sloping site with orthogonal cantilevers, peeking over the edge like abstracted rock outcroppings. These re-imaginings of rugged, vertical environs in built form are muscular and graceful examples of the synthesis of site, context, and form.


Honor Award for Built Architecture

Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine in La Jolla, Calif., designed by Fentress Architects and Davis Davis Architects. Jury comments: The design of the research building utilized a clever composition of rhythmic office boxes on the west fašade to modulate the light and provide a more humanistic scale to the large program of lab spaces.  The materials and details were thoughtfully crafted in an uncluttered fashion. Image courtesy of Jason Knowles.

Honor Award for Built Architecture

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., designed by Tryba Architects. Jury comments: The new addition fit very snugly with the original building.  We were unclear where the existing building stops and the addition begins--a positive sign when the beginning building is of strong design. We felt both the new and old projects deserved this award.  Image courtesy of Ooms Incorporated, Phillip Spears Photographer Inc.

Merit Award for Built Architecture

Brown Hall Addition and Renovation in Golden, Colo., designed by Anderson Mason Dale Architects. Jury comments: This is a nicely proportioned and thoughtfully planned solution that welcomes students and connects well to the site. The variety of social and study spaces for students and the connection to a wonderfully restrained landscape provide a thoughtfully considered interface between the campus and the existing building. Image courtesy of Greg Sprenger, Frank Ooms.

Merit Award for Built Architecture

Mineta San Jose International Airport Terminal B in San Jose, designed by Fentress Architects. Jury comments: I appreciated the integration of art within the building. The collaborations clearly benefit both the architecture and the art. From overall form, to detailing of connections, the project reflects the care and consideration of the design team. The radial terminal form is a welcome departure from many new terminal designs, and is an appropriate gesture to the aerodynamics of flying machines.  Image courtesy of Nick Merrick, Jason Knowles, Ken Paul.

Merit Award for Built Architecture

Eastside Human Services in Denver, designed by RNL. Jury comments: This is a welcoming building for its users who too often are given tired facilities. It attempts to morph scale between elevations, bring light into the building at the right moments, and makes good use of the basic elements of the structure by keeping the architecture deceptively simple. The geometry is bold, and is successful in connecting the entries with two separate grade levels.   Image courtesy of Frank Ooms.

Merit Award for Built Architecture

Denver Central Platte Campus in Denver, designed by RNL. Jury comments: We were pleasantly surprised by the bold moves made with a traditionally underfunded and conservative building type. This project has a strong tectonic presence that serves as an iconic image for the public works department, and serves to skillfully organize the day lighting and photovoltaics into the roof form. Image courtesy of Ed LaCasse.

Merit Award for Built Architecture

Tori Tori Restaurant in Mexico City, designed by Rojkind Arquitectos. Jury comments: The elements of the building are an interesting combination of using precise CNC machine technology to generate a solution that yields scale and intimacy to the volumes. We were impressed by the quality of the interiors and the mature detailing of materials. The exterior fašade is a technologically interesting intervention on the existing building that is a dramatic form unto itself while lit at night. Image courtesy of Pa˙l Rivera.

Merit Award for Unbuilt Architecture

START Bus Operations and Maintenance Facility and Transit Center in Jackson, Wyo., designed by RNL. Jury comments: The mix of uses leads to an extraordinary opportunity. The project is well organized and balances design and function. The materials are appropriate for this climate and are organized in an interesting composition that reflected the vernacular [traditions] of the region. Image courtesy of RNL.

Citation Award for Built Architecture

2290 in Boulder, Colo., designed by Arch11. Jury comments: We were drawn immediately to the bold exterior. It sits lurking in the landscape, dark walls and clean lines merging into the shadows. The materials on the exterior were restrained and composed in a mature manner that [nods] to mid-century modern design. Image courtesy of Raul Garcia.

Citation Award for Built Architecture

UCD Anschutz Medical Campus - Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, Colo., designed by H+L Architecture and Cannon Design. Jury comments: The exterior elevations and selection of materials are cleanly articulated and restrained.  The public circulation spaces are light-filled, and the integration of the running track creates an interesting design element that stitches the program elements together.  Image courtesy of David Patterson, Bill Timmerman

Citation Award for Built Architecture

Parker Arts, Culture, & Events Center [PACE] in Parker, Colo., designed by Semple Brown Design, P.C. Jury comments: The theme of perforations and rusty metal are used throughout to unify the design. The simple gesture of the Corten wall is perforated to add translucency and light. The treatment is carried through the interior to relate various materials instrumental to the building program. [It’s] a project that’s welcome exercise in restraint.  Image courtesy of Ron Pollard Photography.

Citation Award for Built Architecture

Linear House in Aspen, Colo., designed by Studio B Architects. Jury comments: The project hovers gently above the landscape neither disturbing nor distracting the visual flow of the site. This house is to be commended for its clear parti. It is handsomely detailed and the interior rooms are uncluttered and restrained.  It looks to be a very comfortable residence that belongs in its pristine setting. Image courtesy of Derek Skalko.

Citation Award for Built Architecture

Paisano Green Community in El Paso, Texas, designed by WORKSHOP8 Inc. Jury comments: Net zero and a modest budget brought this project into discussions. The project strived to do so much with so little, and was successful on most levels.  The arrangement of the housing units on the site did a skillful job of creating useable and defensible exterior spaces.  Image courtesy of J.Ramirez Commercial Photography.

Citation Award for Unbuilt Architecture

Wall House in Aspen, Colo., designed by CCY Architects. Jury comments: The solution is an interesting exploration of the relationship between protections and protected, occupied and restricted, private and public. There is more going on here then first meets the eye, and you can quickly be drawn into the unique challenges of the site and program. The articulation of the living spaces formed an interesting composition of architectural elements on the steep slope of the site. Image courtesy of CCY Architects.

Citation Award for Unbuilt Architecture

Gran Sir D, Barbados in Apes Hill, Barbados, designed by Roth Sheppard Architects. Jury comments: The project thoughtfully integrated the subtleties of its place and environment. One senses the spirit of Barbados in the elements chosen for the design, yet it clearly benefits from a fresh set of eyes interpreting the environmental needs. It is an elegant parti that separates the bedrooms from the communal living areas with a courtyard that is shaded and provides views to the ocean. Image courtesy of Roth Sheppard Architects.

Citation Award for Interior Architecture

Engine House 5 in Denver, designed by SLATERPAULL Architects. Jury comments: The intervention brings new life to the existing building, a difficult task due to the original specificity of a firehouse to its function. The designers did an admirable job of transformation, [turning the building] into a hive of creative space. This renovation does a skilled job of maintaining the historic exterior while creating a fresh and comfortable looking new workspace. Image courtesy of Time Frame Images.

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